Yeosu City Hall Kim Eun-mi, Incheon International Half Marathon 1st place… 1 hour 14 minutes 57 seconds

Eun-mi Kim of Yeosu City Hall, South Jeolla Province won the Incheon International Half Marathon.

The South Jeolla Province Sports Association announced on the 28th that Yeosu City Hall track and field team Kim Eun-mi won the top spot in her women’s division at the ‘2023 Incheon International Half Marathon’ held at Incheon Munhak World Cup Stadium.

Kim Eun-mi participated in the international and domestic elite division and ran the 21.095km section starting from Incheon Munhak Stadium, passing through Campus Town Station, Songdo International Road, Dongmak Station Intersection, Incheon Munhak Stadium Dongmun Intersection and returning to Incheon Munhak Stadium in 1 hour 14 minutes 57 seconds. and won a gold medal around her neck. 스포츠토토

Lim Gyeong-hee (Samcheok City Hall) took second place with a time of 1 hour 18 minutes and 01 seconds, and Kim Mi-jeong (Jeonbuk Sports Association) took third place with a time of 1 hour 19 minutes and 55 seconds.

In addition, Shim Gwi-cheol, Yeosu City Hall’s athletics team coach, won the Women’s Domestic Elite Leadership Award.

About 10,000 domestic and foreign athletes participated in this event, organized by the Korea Association of Athletics Federations and others, and was divided into international and domestic elite divisions (half course), masters division half course, and 10km and 5km healthy running divisions.

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