Wrestling Kim Hyun-woo, injured after winning the selection… “There will be no difficulty in participating in AG”

Korean wrestling’s eternal ace Kim Hyun-woo (34, Samsung Life) was diagnosed with costal membrane damage after winning the right to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open in September.

Kim Hyun-woo defeated Park Dae-geon (Jeju Provincial Office) 5-1 in the men’s Greco-Roman 77kg final of the 2023 national team second selection held at the Yanggu Culture and Sports Center in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do on the 15th and took first place.

Kim Hyun-woo, who won the first round of selection last year, climbed to the top overall without a final selection round and earned the right to participate in the Asian Games, given to one player in each weight category.

However, Kim Hyun-woo, who suffered a rib injury at the end of the final, complained of pain for a while after the match and was transferred to the hospital.

“As a result of the diagnosis, it was found that the costal periosteum was damaged,” Samsung Life coach Kim In-seop said. “he said.

Kim Hyun-woo’s wife, Jeong Young-ji
(Yanggu = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Gyeong-yoon = Kim Hyun-woo’s wife, Jung Young-ji (top row, left), is clapping her hands toward her husband in the final of the second round of wrestling national team selection held at Yanggu Culture and Sports Center in Gangwon-do on the 15th. 2023.5.15. cycle@yna.co.kr

Kim Hyun-woo, who won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, planned to retire after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

However, following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for a year in the aftermath of the spread of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), he was confirmed with Corona 19 just before the 2021 Olympic Quarter Games and was unable to win a ticket to the Olympics.

He set his retirement stage at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and worked hard on training again, but the Asian Games were also postponed for one year to this year due to Corona 19, extending his player life for another year.

National wrestling representative Kim Hyun-
woo (Yanggu = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Gyeong-yoon = National wrestling representative Kim Hyun-woo is exiting the mat after finishing the men’s Greco-Roman 77kg class match in the 2023 national team 2nd round held at the Yanggu Culture and Sports Center in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do on the 15th. . 2023. 5. 15. cycle@yna.co.kr

In the men’s Greco-Roman 130kg class, Kim Min-seok (Suwon City Hall), the bronze medalist at the 2018 World Championships, won the overall championship, and Lee Se-yeol (mint construction) took first place in the men’s Greco-Roman 97kg class.

Shin Byeong-cheol (Jeonbuk Provincial Office) defeated Park Sang-hyeok (mint) 4-1 at the end of the final selection match and secured the right to participate in the men’s Greco-Roman 87kg Asian Games.

Kim Kwan-wook (Samsung Life Insurance) won the men’s freestyle 86kg class, Seo Ju-hwan (Samsung Life Insurance) in the 97kg class, and Jung Eui-hyeon (Chungnam Provincial Office) won the 125kg class.카지노사이트

In the women’s 53kg freestyle category, Oh Hyeon-young (Pyeongchang-gun Office) won the Asian Games by winning the first and second selection rounds, and in the 62kg class, Lee Han-bit (Wanju-gun office) narrowly defeated Jo Soo-bin (Yuseong-gu Office) 6-5 in the final selection round. defeated and won

Jeong Seo-yeon (Seoul Jung-gu Office) won the 76kg championship.

The first and second players in each weight class in the first and second selections will compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the second place will compete in the 2023 World Championships.

The national team will enter the Jincheon National Training Center on the 21st and start preparing for the Asian Games in earnest.

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