Will you make your first appearance in a Manchester United uniform? “Smart…ready to compete”

 Is Manchester United’s debut imminent?

Manchester United will play the 22nd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/23 season against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford in Manchester, England at 0:00 (Korean time) on the 5th 안전놀이터.

Manchester United have not been able to win two consecutive EPL matches recently. It is a situation where victory is needed to reverse the atmosphere.

Attention is whether Marcel Sabitzer, who joined Manchester United on loan on the 1st, will make his debut.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag said: “You can tell Xavicher is a very good player. he is always fit He seems ready to play,” he noted.

“I think Xavicher is a really smart player. He can’t tell you much, but he knows what to do.”

When Christian Eriksen was out of action due to a long-term injury, Manchester United started looking for a replacement and selected Xavicher as the right fit.

Sabitzer grew up in Salzburg and then came to prominence in Leipzig. His sharp toes and vigorous activity as well as his tactical understanding are very high, and he was evaluated as a highly versatile midfielder in many ways.

Afterwards, he headed to Bayern Munich, but bowed his head as he failed to gain an edge in the competition. That’s when Man U reached out.

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