“What’s your MIP for the first half?” without a second’s hesitation, a special left-handed bullpen from Geelong Korea, and the Taegun Mama effect.

Not a second’s hesitation.

First half wrap-up interview. When asked about the MIP (Most Improved Player) of the season, KIA head coach Kim Jong-guk laughed and said, “(Choi) Ji-min, he’s done so much better than I expected.” He suddenly remembered rookie Yoon Young-cheol and said, “Young-cheol had a lot of expectations to begin with, but he’s done so much better than I expected.

“Young-cheol had high expectations to begin with, and he’s doing as well as he could, and Ji-min had less expectations, but he’s done better than expected as a set-up man in the bullpen and as a finisher,” he explained.

Choi, a fifth-round pick in last year’s second round, has improved dramatically since spending last winter with Geelong Korea in the Australian League.

He quickly became a key part of the KIA bullpen as his velocity increased to over 150 mph and his pitches stabilized.

In 37 games and 42 1/3 innings, he has a 3-2 record, 3 saves, 6 holds, and a 1.70 ERA. While the core of the bullpen has been in and out due to injuries, Choi has been consistent from the start of the season.

The second half is crucial.

Choi Ji-min will be making his debut in fall baseball and will be looking to win the Rookie of the Year award.

He’s already a strong Rookie of the Year contender. The biggest key will be staying healthy. In his first full-time season, that could be a factor. He’ll need to get plenty of rest during the All-Star break. On top of that, there’s the possibility of an Asian Games call-up in the middle of the season. Choi Ji-min is the only left-handed bullpen member of the Hangzhou Asian Games team. He reached his first Taekwondo mark in his debut. She will have to use all of her strength. It’s not easy to maintain a steady form throughout the season. It”s a challenge to overcome.

But there is a positive outlook.

He realized the importance of his pitches after going through various difficult situations in the first half.

“Because you’re young, you might be greedy for restraint, but if you’re greedy to throw hard, you know the ball will fly,” said Kim Jong-guk. “With experience, I think he realized that his delivery is more important than his fastball. The balance is better,” he said.

The addition of Kim Tae-gun has also had a positive effect.

Choi Ji-min is on a three-game scoreless streak. In the last two games, he struck out three batters each.

It was a victory of the veteran Kim Tae-gun’s unorthodox pitch mix.

“Jimin doesn’t strike out a lot compared to his velocity, but Taegun did a good job of identifying the batters’ weaknesses and inducing them. I think Jimin followed his lead and threw his fastball and changeup on a similar course.”체스카지노

Faith in an experienced veteran catcher. It’s a big boost for KIA’s young pitchers. Confidence leads to performance. Choi Ji-min is no exception. The ‘Taegunmama’ effect is blowing on the KIA mound. This is something to look forward to in the second half of the season.

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