What if you throw 152km… ‘4 innings, 101 pitches’ Post Yang Hyeon-jong, crying again at the 9th pitch

KIA left-hander Lee Eui-ri (21), who is called Post Yang Hyeon-jong, cried again at the ninth hunt. 

Lee Eui-ri started the 4th game of the season against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 12th, and was replaced without completing the 5th inning, recording 5 hits, 3 walks, 4 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4 innings. 

He faced a crisis from the first inning and conceded a run. Heo Kyung-min’s double in the lead and Park Gye-beom’s left fielder allowed Yang Eui-ji, a runner-up, a timely hit to the right with one out and third baseman. Afterwards, Yang Seok-hwan hit a left-handed hit and continued to falter, but Song Seung-hwan was caught with a double hit and the inning ended without any additional runs. 

The 3rd episode with Jose Rojas, Jang Seung-hyeon and Lee Yu-chan was a KKK perfect match. As if laughing at the sluggish performance in the first inning, he struck out three batters in a row with sharp pitches and precise control. 

However, Pyeonghwa was shaken again after a while in the third inning, with Heo Kyung-min walking on base at the end of 10 pitches. Afterwards, following Park Gye-beom’s hit, Yang Eui-ji was sent out on a walk at the end of 9 pitches, and Yang Seok-hwan hit a sacrifice fly with the first baseman loaded. With Song Seung-hwan’s straight walk, Rojas, the 2nd runner-up who continued, was grounded by the 1st baseman, but he threw a whopping 42 balls in the 3rd inning alone. 

In the 4th inning, Lee Eui-ri also met Lee Yu-chan after one shot and allowed a heavy hit at the end of 9 pitches. After that, Jo Soo-haeng’s bunt failed and Heo Gyeong-min’s pitcher grounded to finish the inning, but he could not continue pitching any more. This is because the number of pitches reached 101 in 4 innings. Eui-Ri Lee was replaced by Gi-Young Lim in the 5th inning, trailing 0-2, and the game ended unfortunately. 토스카지노

Lee Eui-ri added a slider, changeup, and curve under a fastball of up to 152 km. The ratio of strikes (62) and balls (39) was not bad, but he was often inferior in count fights and was replaced before 5 innings in 3 consecutive games from the game against Gwangju NC on the 25th of last month. The result of not being able to digest long innings due to jagged pitches. Lee Eui-ri has not achieved a single quality start in seven games of the season until this day. 

KIA, whose selection collapsed early, lost 1-6 to Doosan and fell into a three-game losing streak. Eui-ri Lee also bowed her head after suffering her 3rd loss (2 wins) of the season.

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