Wearing a hanbok, having a new baby, and a talent show… What is the New Year’s Day scenery that has changed after 3 years of overseas training?

 There are certainly signs that the New Year’s Day landscape will change.

In the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), winter battery training was conducted in Korea for about three years. After spending New Year’s Day in Korea, the specialness has somewhat disappeared. Some clubs even granted vacations to their players. It was possible because the field training was conducted in Korea. But this time it’s different. Most of the teams from the 1st and 2nd divisions packed up and headed overseas. A significant number of teams are staying in Thailand, and Ulsan Hyundai (Portugal) and Jeonbuk Hyundai (Spain) also chose Europe. Pohang Steelers are sweating in Hanoi, Vietnam.

While the first battery training is in full swing, we celebrate the Lunar New Year on the 20th. We are preparing a variety of programs as well as being abroad. The most unique is Jeju United. Jeju set up a base camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Already busy with New Year’s Eve 안전놀이터

In Jeju, three foreign musketeers (Jonathan Ling, Hays, and Yuri Jonatan) dressed up in hanbok (?). I knocked on the door without even notifying director Ki-il Nam. And three times as well. It is said that director Nam was embarrassed by the sudden visit, but was happy to see it with a big smile. After three times, director Nam opened his wallet and even presented money for the new year. It wasn’t his big money, but the 3 foreign musketeers said that he took a commemorative photo with a bright expression.

Pohang, who is training alone in Hanoi, decided to take a full rest day on the day of the Lunar New Year. It’s not like taking a break. First of all, it creates a holiday mood by playing yut and kicking jegi. Also, at the request of coach Kim Ki-dong, a team talent show is scheduled. Also won prizes. Director Kim and the secretariat agreed to share. I have already rented one space in the hotel. The goal is to encourage players who are tired from the intense first round of training and take a break.

Incheon United also plans to hold a talent show with small products. It’s not three times like Jeju, but Incheon also filmed a video of foreign players wearing hanbok and shouting “Happy New Year”. In addition, many clubs create a holiday atmosphere overseas by playing Yutnori and Jegichagi, and eating rice cake soup, even without special programs.

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