Water Leak and Rat Infestation’ Manchester United home stadium, 4 trillion won remodeling or new construction plan

Old Trafford, the home ground of Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Manchester United), which boasts a 112-year history, is highly likely to enter a refurbishment.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 13th (Korean time) that “Man United presented a plan of 3 billion pounds (approximately 4.5 trillion won) including Old Trafford remodeling and new construction.” 안전놀이터

Old Trafford is a large stadium representing the English Premier League (EPL), accommodating 74,879 people over a long history of 112 years. This has led Manchester United to a prestigious team with rich finances for a long time.

However, after the Glazer family took over Manchester United in 2005, Old Trafford management was pointed out. Water was leaking from the roof and rats appeared in the stadium, adding to the discomfort of Manchester United home fans. This was added as one of the reasons for the Glazer family’s resignation.

Man Utd also recognized this and tried to improve the stadium, but did not actively implement it in the uncertain club situation. The Glazer family recently put Manchester United on the market, and if a takeover is certain, it is expected that the stadium will be improved.

Manchester United have not confirmed whether the stadium will be remodeled or rebuilt.

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