UFC 20 Korean fighter Lee Jung-young “I’ll growl like McGregor”

‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jeong-young (27, Strong Gym · A&T Management) likens opponents to prey. He described his opponent in the ROAD TO UFC quarterfinals as an elk and his semifinal opponent Lu Kai as a sheep. The opponent interest in the final was said to be “weasel level.”

Elks and sheep were easily hunted, but weasels were no ordinary weasels. It was like bad luck. The meticulousness of digging into wrestling weaknesses was amazing. On the 5th of last month, in the road to UFC final, Lee Jung-young, who had signed a contract for 5 UFC fights after defeating Lee Ja-ja with a 1-2 decision, laughed in an interview with Spotify News on the 7th, saying, “At that time, I was not a tiger. I was only like a lynx.”

Lee Jung-young wanted to go straight to the Octagon without going through Road to UFC. However, now that I think about it, he was weak because he went through three games. “I wanted to go ‘directly’ to the UFC. After thinking about it, I think I could have been kicked out right away. .

Jung-Young Lee competed in the road to UFC finals with a ligament tear in his knee. That’s why he fought without kicking. “First of all, the surgery went very well. I am not worried too much. If I focus on rehabilitation, I think I will be able to play in six months. I will be able to see you,” he predicted.

Lee Jung-young’s role model is Conor McGregor, who ‘does what he says’. “That’s what I wanted to do before McGregor appeared. I want to have a mindset similar to that of McGregor. I also have a big dream like McGregor.”

So the aggressive and provocative attitude continues. “I think I need to do more provocations toward my opponent. If I can’t stand up sharp, I don’t show off my abilities. I think McGregor was like that. It’s a style where I can raise my stats only if I do that. Until I retire, there will probably be no peace with my opponent. I will always fight like biting, and I will fight. If I win, of course I will receive applause, but if I lose, there will be damage. But the player As such, I think you should have that level of mentality.” 카지노

Lee Jung-young is thinking about training in the US next year. He said that her mother, a strong support soldier, told her to go to America, so she was encouraged. “My mother told me to go to the US. I should go to the US and stay here. I was a little surprised, and my mother asked if I could follow her. I am grateful that my mother tried to take care of me. If not this year, next year I’m thinking of taking my mother with me,” he said.

Lee Jung-young won Lee Ji-yong, and in an Octagon interview with commentator Michael Bisping, she said in English that “the plan is to catch Dan Ige, Ilia Topuria, Max Holloway, and Alexander Volkanovski in turn.”

Of course, it’s hard. Lee Jung-young laughed and said, “I’m not going to do interviews in English from now on.” Then he said, “I’ll make sure I win 2 in a row and go catch those players. Thinking about (the English interview at that time), I feel so ashamed. But that motivated me. I plan to work harder.” .I will go to the United States to train with better players and I will try harder. I will prove it with my actions rather than my words.”

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