‘To stop crying’… Jeon Eui-san watches Oh Jae-il’s video 

 “You shouldn’t cry.”

On August 26, 2022, against Suwon KT, SSG Landers’ ‘newcomer in the third month of debut’, who started as a first baseman, made a series of defensive mistakes and eventually shed tears on the ground.

It’s a story that can be laughed off now, but this anecdote was a symbolic scene that showed what part Jeon Eui-san, a young player, needs to improve.

It was Jeon Eui-san’s batting talent that allowed him to continue to receive opportunities despite obvious weaknesses.

The former mountain hit 13 home runs in 77 games last year, which was his debut season. Coach Won-hyeong Kim said, “I always told Uisan, ‘If you play well, you can always play as the starting pitcher.’”

It was up to Jeon Eui-san to seize the opportunity. Director Kim Won-hyung said, “I also told Uisan-i that there is no way to do well without practicing. You have to be confident to feel that you can make mistakes even if you make mistakes. That’s why I continue to do a lot of defensive training안전놀이터.” I even jokingly told him not to cry.”

Jeon Eui-san, who is training after joining the 1st team spring camp for the first time, said, “Last year, if a mistake was made on the defense side, it seems that the afterimage remained and it affected the batting. I am practicing with a lot of focus,” he said.

He said, “Until the last turn, I paid more attention to the bat, so I asked Coach Son Ji-hwan if I could do more defense. They do extra training together,” he said. I’m using a lot. It’s still lacking, but I think I’ve improved a little.”

I’m looking for a lot of videos that will help, and Jeon Eui-san said that he watches a lot of Samsung Lions Jae-il Oh’s videos. Jae-il Oh is 187cm tall and weighs 95kg in profile, and has a similar physique to Jeon Uisan, who is 188cm and 98kg. 

Jeon San said, “I often look for videos of senior Oh Jae-il.

Eui-san Jeon, who emerged as a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year by playing an active role in 28 games in the first half of last season with 31 hits, 7 homers, 24 RBIs and 19 points, and a batting average of 0.341, lost the Rookie of the Year title in the second half. However, Eui-san Jeon smiled broadly, saying, “I have no regrets at all. I won the Korean Series, so it’s okay.”

In the new season after such a short and long debut season, Jeon Eui-san said, “Last year, I played from the middle of the season, but this season, the camp started in the first team, so my goal is to finish it to the end. I want to get better results than last year. I want to hit 20 homers while playing full-time.”

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