“Three blessings on the Chinese New Year”… Ronaldo, ‘Celebrate the Lunar New Year’ on social media

 Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated the Lunar New Year. 

Cristiano Ronaldo left a holiday greeting about Chinese New Year through his official Weibo account on the 22nd (Korean time).  슬롯사이트

Ronaldo said, “Dear Chinese friends, I give you my most sincere blessings. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Enjoy your holiday with your family.” wished 

He then added, “I hope to see you soon. The year of the rabbit will be very good”, and even left the word “three times to the Chinese fans” as a tag for the post. 

Ronaldo moved to Asia after moving to Al Nasr last month.

It seems that many soccer fans posted a post celebrating the Lunar New Year in China in order to raise their liking for Asia, where he will be active. 

The 22nd is the day to welcome the new year according to the lunar calendar in the oriental world. In Korea, it is called ‘Seolnal’, and in China, it is called Chunjeol. 

In Western countries, it is not uncommon to call the Chinese New Year the name of Chinese New Year.

However, the expression itself is not appropriate. ‘Luna New Year’, which expresses the lunar calendar, can be seen as an appropriate expression. 

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