‘The wind is on Suwon’s side’ Suwon FC wins 2-0 with a goal from Lars-Murillo

On the afternoon of the 6th, before the game started, the rain stopped at Suwon Sports Complex, but the strong wind continued. The strong wind blowing throughout the game was on the side of the home team, Suwon FC. Despite being outnumbered, Suwon FC took the victory with goals from Lars and Murillo.

Suwon FC won 2-0 in the 11th round of Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 against Gangwon held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 6th. In the 5th minute of the first half, Lars shook the net with a neat header from a long-distance cross that went in a strong wind. Suwon FC was outnumbered in the second half as captain Yoon Bit-garam was sent off, but Murillo scored a fantastic free-kick goal at the end of the second half. With this victory, Suwon FC won 4 league games (3 draws and 4 losses). 

On the other hand, the visiting team, Gangwon, suffered 5 losses (2 wins, 4 draws) in the league, and the streak of 2 consecutive wins in the league came to an end.

The home team, Suwon FC, came out with a 4-3-3 formation. First, Jang Jae-woong, Lars, and Jung Jae-yoon were placed in the forefront. Following this, Bitgaram Yun, Murillo, and Jooho Park took charge of the midfield. Hwang Soon-min, Jackson, Shinsegae, and Jeong Dong-ho were in charge of the back 4, and the goalkeeper gloves were worn by No Dong-gun. Lee Seung-woo and Lee Kwang-hyuk, who had just returned from injury, waited on the bench for a sortie.

For the away team Gangwon, Kim Dae-won, Yang Hyeon-jun, and Hwang Moon-gi were placed in the offensive line first. Then, Hankook Young and Seo Min-woo took on the midfield, while Jung Seung-yong and Yoo In-soo took on the left and right flanks. The defense consisted of Yoon Seok-young, Kim Young-bin, and Lee Woong-hee, and Lee Kwang-yeon was responsible for the goal.

The rain stopped before kickoff, but it was the first half with a strong wind at Suwon Sports Complex. 

The strong wind was on the side of the home team. In the 5th minute of the first half, Jeong Dong-ho’s high cross from the right side of the center line flew into the box on the wind. Lars connected it with a running header and shook Gangwon’s net. It was a scene where the Gangwon defense team could not track the ball properly due to the strong wind. Lars’ 5th league goal.

Gangwon, who conceded an early goal, attempted a long pass aiming for space behind the left and right sides, but the development was seldom smooth. The corner kick attempted in the beginning was not connected properly due to the strong wind.

Meanwhile, Suwon FC used their first replacement card in the 16th minute of the first half. Jung Jae-yoon was removed and Ruan was replaced. Luan’s first league appearance was made. Luan threatened Gangwon by attempting a mid-range shot from the center in the second minute.

Suwon FC’s offense continued. Eight minutes later, after successfully defending a corner kick, Suwon FC launched a counterattack, and Luan from the side connected a sharp pass into the box. Yoon Bit-garam, who penetrated the back space, collided with Lee Kwang-yeon and won a penalty kick. However, the decision was overturned in the video review (VAR) that followed. It was a heartbreaking moment for Gangwon.

However, the crisis in Gangwon continued. In the 28th minute, Gangwon’s defense cleared the ball, and Bitgaram Yoon fired another direct shot. Lee Kwang-yeon’s save barely blocked the goal. 

I took out a replacement card for Gangwon-do, who did not want to give off the atmosphere. In the 30th minute of the first half, Yoo In-soo was removed and Lim Chang-woo was put in. Even though Gangwon gave up possession, they used intense pressure from the attacking camp. 

In the 39th minute, Gangwon’s tenacity created a decisive chance. Park Joo-ho couldn’t overcome the pressure from Han Jung-young in the dangerous area, and Kim Dae-won connected it with a mid-range shot. Ro Dong-gun blocked it with a great dive. Gangwon’s fierce attack continued. Suwon FC continued to counterattack with land defense, but each time they could not cross the half line and lost the ball to Gangwon, facing a dangerous situation. Especially in the 42nd minute, Kim Dae-Won’s mid-range shot and Yang Hyeon-Jun’s header continued to cool Suwon FC’s goal.

Suwon FC also stood up to not hand over the initiative. In the 44th minute, a free kick from the left flank was taken by Yun Bit-garam into the box. It was continuously refracted and connected to Jackson, but headed in front of the keeper. In the 46th minute of extra time, Jang Jae-woong’s shot hit the corner of the goalpost in a troubled situation. It was a tense game until the end of the first half.

Both team commanders took out replacement cards as the second half began. Director Kim Do-gyun put in Lee Seung-woo and Kim Seon-min. Coach Choi Yong-soo reinforced the offense by introducing Gallego and Park Sang-hyuk.

From the start, director Choi Yong-soo’s mercenary tactics seemed to hit the mark. Lim Chang-woo’s cross from the side led to Gallego in the box. Gallego runs with a header but it goes over the net.

Suwon FC also immediately launched a counterattack. Murillo-Lee Seung-woo shook the Gangwon defense with a series of passes. Luan also threatened Gangwon with a sharp pass. Gangwon’s defense cut it off.

Gangwon, who succeeded in defending, made a sharp counterattack. Gallego attacked the flank with brisk movements. Afterwards, Seo Min-woo’s cross was connected to Jeong Seung-yong on the other side at once, but his mid-range shot missed the right side of the goal. In the 7th minute, Jeong Seung-yong’s free kick went all the way into the box, but this time it was blocked by Noh Dong-gun’s save.

This time, Lee Seung-woo flashed. In a counterattack situation, Lee Seung-woo attempted a cross from the left flank. It didn’t reach Lars, and it wasn’t finished. 

Gangwon also tried a decisive cross by Gallego in the 11th minute of the second half. Yang Hyeon-jun succeeded in penetrating the space behind the defense and had a decisive chance. He tried a shot that only changed direction, but missed. Soon after, Suwon FC took out Ruan again in the 12th minute and put in Lee Kwang-hyeok to strengthen the attack.

However, 5 minutes later, bad news came out for Suwon FC. Yoon Bit-garam and Seo Min-woo collided in a ball competition situation. A second card was given to Bitgaram Yoon, who tried to tackle him late, and was sent off. Yoon Bit-garam, who received a card while blocking a counterattack in the 4th minute of the second half, bowed his head at a series of warnings.

In the 21st minute of the second half, Kangwon removed Seo Min-woo and replaced Kim Dae-woo to reinforce their attack once again. It was a natural choice given the numerical superiority. 

In the 27th minute, Gangwon tried to destroy Suwon FC. Using the numerical superiority, he posted a cross in succession, but the last connection was not made. In Suwon FC, Lars struggled alone at the forefront and adjusted the attack tempo. After that, the home supporters’ seats were shaken. In the 30th minute, Murillo’s free kick hit the corner of the goal. Lee Seung-woo, who infiltrated it, connected it with a header and shook it into the net, but it was canceled due to offside.바카라사이트

In the 31st minute, Gangwon took out Lee Woong-hee and put in Kim Jin-ho for a final counterattack. Gangwon used their numerical superiority to press the home team with high possession. In particular, Gallego led the attack with dynamic movements. But it didn’t lead to the last shot. In the 38th minute, Suwon FC strengthened the defense by removing Soon-Min Hwang, who complained of pain, and adding In-Pyo Oh.

It was the home team who laughed this time too. In the 43rd minute, Murillo scored a wonderful right-footed free-kick goal to seal the victory. The Suwon FC team, including Murilo, cheered together in front of the supporters’ seats. 

With 5 minutes of extra time, Gangwon counterattacked until the end. However, it was canceled by Suwon FC’s meat defense and lowered its head. 

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