“The only way is time” Diagnosis of Hyundai Capital Command Tower

“There is no other way. It takes time.”

Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong emphasized time. It takes time to build the strength to keep the mood going and reduce the ups and downs.

Hyundai Capital lost with a set score of 1-3 (25-22 20-25 22-25 20-25) in the 4th round home game of the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ against Korea Electric Power held at the Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium on the 23rd.

Hyundai Capital showed their potential by starting the first set 0-4 and finishing with a 3-point lead. However, after that, he couldn’t continue the flow and lowered his head.

Hyundai Capital failed both to pursue the lead and widen the gap with the middle ranks with two consecutive losses.메이저놀이터

Hyundai Capital, which often collapsed even after starting the game advantageously. Manager Choi Tae-woong said, “Currently, our team needs time. There was a timing for setters Lee Hyun-seung and Kim Myeong-gwan to be replaced today, but they did not. The reason is that Lee Hyun-seung has decided that the time to overcome is now or not. He must not be shaken in a more important game. “he said.

He added, “We need a strong heart setter who can overcome this situation. There is no other way. It takes time.”

Oreol Camejo (registered name Oreoll) struggled with 21 points, the most in the team, and Heo Soo-bong improved his condition during the game and recorded 14 points and a 50% attack success rate. However, Jeon Kwang-in left a disappointment with a 9-point attack success rate of 33.3%. In the end, Hong Dong-seon replaced Jeon Kwang-in in the 4th set.

Director Choi explained, “Overall, the attacking timing was not good, so the success rate showed a drop.”

He continued, “Among the outside heaters, there are not many players who are all-rounders like electricians. It is true that such a player falls off the court with all his might.” I plan to use it appropriately according to the situation.”

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