“The LPGA’s best swing is Inji Jeon” ··· Why did Pressel, the star of the LPGA, choose it? [Oh Tae-shik’s golf story]

That’s not 10 years yet. Christy Kerr, an American women’s golf star, mentioned Korean women golfers who were beginning to dominate the world women’s golf stage at the time and said, “They are machines. (They’re machines. They practice 10 hours a day),” she once said. I don’t know exactly why he said that, but it feels more like envy than sarcastic, based on the premise of “They’re so talented.” As he said, Korean female golfers are not only talented and hardworking, but also have a ‘machine-like’ swing.

Christy Kerr’s words don’t sound like compliments, but since then, praise for the swing of Korean female golfers has continued. Around the same time, Adam Scott (Australia), who was chosen as the ‘player with the best swing’ by PGA Tour players, became a hot topic when he revealed that “When I don’t get a shot, I think of Inbee Park’s swing image and find a rhythm.” Inbee Park’s swing is not a ‘textbook’, but there are many things in her swing that can be imitated. Although her world ranking is declining because she has not been able to participate in tournaments for a long time due to pregnancy, seeing that she is still in the top ranking among golfers in her 30s, it seems that the driving force behind her long run can be found not only in her mentality but also in her swing.

Also, Judy Rankin (USA), who won 26 victories on the LPGA Tour, said a few years ago, “Park Seong-hyun is the most courageous driver shot on the tour. He once said that Lexi Thompson can be compared, and there is a big difference from other players.” Park Seong-hyun is in a severe slump right now, but he is still as brave as his driver shot, and fans do not doubt his resurrection.

Around the same time, Sports Illustrated (SI), an American sports magazine, conducted a survey of American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) tour players. It was Han Choi Na-yeon, and the next player who received the most votes was Kim Hyo-joo, who is currently ranked 9th in the world rankings. Choi Na-yeon’s swing and Kim Hyo-joo’s swing are so close to perfection that it’s hard to find any problems.

Recently, Korean female golfers have continued to praise their swing. Early every year, Morgan Pressel (USA), who holds a charity fundraising event to fight breast cancer, answered “Jeon In-ji” in an interview with Golf Week magazine to the question “Who do you think has the best swing?” 슬롯사이트

Regarding Inji Jeon’s swing, which revived after winning the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship last year, Pressel said, “His rhythm is so good. He loves his rhythm,” and praised it highly, saying, “It keeps him steady under pressure.” Pressel, who won a major championship at the 2007 Nabisco Championship as the youngest at the time and is currently serving as the golf channel’s chief analyst on the LPGA tour, selected Lexi Thompson as the player with the most outstanding ability and stamina on the LPGA tour, but as for her swing, Jeon In-ji gave her a thumbs up. pretended. The reason Jeon In-ji, who once fell to 62nd in the world rankings, was able to return to the top 10th in the world rankings with the victory of resurrection was possible because of her unshakable swing even under pressure.

Currently, Jinyoung Ko, one of the best swingers in women’s golf in Korea, is in an extreme slump. Watching Jinyoung Ko’s swing, which got into hunting due to her wrist injury at the end of last year, she honestly felt a bit awkward. I felt that his swing, which thoroughly relied on rhythm and tempo, was being disturbed. Dean Herdon, who was once in charge of Jinyoung Ko’s caddy, once evaluated Jinyoung Ko’s swing as “the best in the world in terms of her clean swing and ability to send straight.” Although she is shaking now, I firmly believe that Ko Jin-young will return to her old textbook rhythm swing, just like Jeon In-ji did.

In an interview with Golf Week, Pressel predicted that the world ranking No. 1 fight between Lydia Ko, Nellie Koda, Ataya Titikkun, and Ko Jin-young would be the most interesting viewing point for the 2023 season.

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