‘The long hitter of superpower’ Jeong Chan-min… ‘Jung Ram’ appeared

A long hitter with superpowers has appeared in domestic men’s golf.

Reporter Ha Seong-ryong met player Chan-min Jeong, who is called ‘Jeong Ram’ because of his explosive long hit and bearded appearance.


Jeong Chan-min, 24 years old and in his second year on the regular tour, reported his debut victory three days ago at the Maekyung Open, a major tournament.

After leading all the way from the first day, he won an overwhelming victory by 6 strokes with ‘Wire to Wire’ and announced the birth of his star.

[Jung Chan-min/KPGA 1st win: (Around) I originally lifted the trophy with both hands, but why did I lift it with one hand… . The jacket was small, so he said he did it with one hand because he was afraid it would explode.]

Chan-min Jeong, who is 188 cm tall and weighs 120 kg, ranked first with an average driving distance of 317 yards last year, and this year the average distance increased to 341 yards and 312 meters.


[Good shot!]

[Jung Chan-min/KPGA 1st win: (Driver shot) I think I hit up to 380m. I think it’s good that the response from the galleries has improved a lot.] His메이저사이트

dignified physique, explosive long hit, and even the beard he’s grown since this year remind us of Yon Ram, the world’s No. came up

[Jung Chan-min/KPGA 1st win: (Last year) There is a picture we took together at the CJ Cup, and I asked (Yon Ram) if he could take a picture for me, so he gladly took it.] To commemorate his first win, he gave his teammates a treat with a ‘food truck’

. In this week’s tournament, Jung Chan-min realizes his changed status enough to play in the same group as PGA Tour star Lim Seong-jae.

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