The Football Association abolishes the right to pardon the president… In the future, punishment will only be reduced or lifted

The Korea Football Association, which pardoned 100 former and incumbent players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined for match-fixing and various misconduct, but withdrew the pardon three days after criticism was strong, in line with the Korea Olympic Committee’s regulations. removed In other words, the controversy over the’secret pardon’ was erased.

The Korea Football Association held the 5th board meeting in 2023 at the Seoul Soccer Center on the 25th and passed the ‘fair committee regulation revision’ that was raised as an agenda.

The core of this revision is the abolition of the ‘right to amnesty’, which is specified as the unique authority of the Korea Football Association. According to the Football Association Fair Committee Regulations ‘Chapter 3 Disciplinary Article 24 Amnesty’, ‘the right to amnesty is the inherent authority of the president of the Korea Football Association, and it is implemented through the resolution of the association’s board of directors. Relevant regulations apply mutatis mutandis.” Based on this provision, the Football Association was able to issue an amnesty through a resolution of the board of directors according to the judgment of the president of the association. However, the Korea Sports Association, a top sports organization, does not have its own pardon rule.

Previously, at the end of March, the Korea Football Association blitzed criticism by pardoning 100 soccer players who were being disciplined for misconduct such as match fixing. The Korea Football Association congratulated itself on the achievement of advancing to the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and collected opinions from the field who proposed amnesty for harmony and a new start in the soccer world. He explained that he pardoned 100 people on the basis of the provision that it could be canceled or reviewed.

However, the announcement of the amnesty was made abruptly one hour before the debut match of new coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who took place on the same day, and the A-match kick-off with Uruguay, and the opposition from the Korea Sports Association and the Korea Professional Football Federation, as well as inside and outside the soccer world, as well as the political world intensified. The pardon was withdrawn.

Afterwards, the Football Association began revising the rules in line with the Korea Sports Council’s Fair Trade Commission regulations, and decided to delete the ‘president’s right to pardon’, which was a problem.무지개벳

Although the amnesty has been removed, reducing the disciplinary action or lifting the execution of the remaining disciplinary actions is based on the existing Article 23, with the recommendation of the Disciplinary Deliberation Committee and the decision of the board of directors. However, the somewhat ambiguous expression ‘can be mitigated or canceled if extenuating circumstances’ is in line with the Korea Olympic Committee’s regulations, ‘the investigation agency’s decision not to prosecute, the court’s verdict of not guilty, and the disciplinary subject, standard, and statute of limitation provisions were changed to constitute the grounds for disciplinary action. If not, it was changed to ‘can be reduced or canceled’.

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