The faces of coach Kim Jong-kook, Shim Jae-hak, and KIA players reunited with Ryu Ji-hyeok

 I met the player who had left crying after a week.

Ryu Ji-hyeok, who was traded from KIA Tigers to Samsung, reunited with his former team.체스카지노

11th Gwangju KIA Champions Field. The Samsung team arrived at the stadium in the midst of heavy rain. Fans with red KIA uniforms stood out among Samsung fans with blue uniforms. They were KIA fans who could not forget Ryu Ji-hyeok. When Ryu Ji-hyuk, wearing a blue training suit, got off the bus, the fans gave Ryu Ji-hyuk a gift.

Ryu Ji-hyeok, who was warmly welcomed by the fans of his home team, headed to the KIA locker room this time. The first person who waited for Ryu Ji-hyeok was head coach Jin Gap-yong. As soon as Coach Jin saw Ryu Ji-hyeok, he put on a sad expression and hugged him tightly.

Ryu Ji-hyeok then headed to the supervisor’s office. Director Kim Jong-kook also welcomed Ryu Ji-hyuk. He is Ryu Ji-hyeok who left crying. In contrast to director Kim, who couldn’t hide his apologetic heart, Ryu Ji-hyeok smiled bravely and held director Kim Jong-guk’s hand.

Next, we headed to the KIA locker room. All his old colleagues gathered and waited for Ryu Ji-hyeok. When Ryu Ji-hyeok entered, all the players applauded and welcomed him. It was a locker room that I used to come and go to like my home until a week ago.

Kim Do-young, who was most saddened by the breakup with Ryu Ji-hyuk, went to Ryu Ji-hyuk with a present. Inside the paper bag Kim Do-young handed over was a red KIA uniform top with the autographs of all the KIA players.

The match was canceled due to heavy rain. The first confrontation after the trade was also postponed. Although we did not see Ryu Ji-hyeok on the ground, the fans who waited outside in the heavy rain and the KIA players gathered in the locker room met Ryu Ji-hyuk again to soothe the regret of parting.

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