The average viewer rating exceeded 1% even in the World Cup! V-League Women’s Division, 4 consecutive years of box office success

Even in the 2022-2023 season, the V-League Women’s Division ran on the box office road. It has been on the rise for 4 years already. The men’s division is also showing signs of recovery and solidifying its position as a representative winter sport.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) introduced the average viewership ratings and major records for the 2022-2023 season V-League, which has progressed to the third round as of the 5th.

During the 3rd round of the V-League, a total of 126 games of 63 male and female divisions were played, and the average viewership for the first half of this year was 0.82%, down 0.13% from the previous year. Despite several sporting events, including the Qatar World Cup, during the first half of the year, the women’s division achieved an audience rating of 1.05%, exceeding the average viewership rating of 1% for four consecutive seasons. The men’s division showed a decrease in viewer ratings from 0.71% to 0.58% last season, but the viewership rate is gradually increasing every round and is showing signs of recovery.

The match that achieved the highest viewer ratings in the first half of the year was the match between Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and OK Financial Group held at the Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 24th of last month, recording 0.96% viewer ratings. In addition, out of the 5 highest viewership ratings in the men’s division, 4 OK Financial Group matches and 3 Korean Air matches made it to the TOP5 list, leading fans to the TV.

The highest viewer ratings match for the women’s division was the match between KGC Ginseng Corporation and Hyundai E&C, which was held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 25th of last month, and the viewer ratings on that day marked 1.61%. Among the 5 games with the highest viewer ratings in the women’s division, 3 matches each between Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance were included, showing fans’ expectations and interest in the two teams competing for first and second place in the league this season.

A total of 238,084 spectators, 88,869 men and 149,215 women, visited the stadium in the first half of this season when 100% spectator admission was possible. The match that drew the most spectators was the match between Woori Card and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th of last month, with 3,112 spectators. In addition, among the 5 most watched games in the men’s division, Woori Card’s home games ranked 1st to 3rd in turn, realizing the enthusiasm of Jangchung. The average number of spectators this season was counted at 1,890, and it recovered to about 82% compared to the 2019-2020 season, the season before the outbreak of Corona 19.

The women’s match with the highest number of spectators was Heungkuk Life Insurance vs. Korea Expressway Corporation on November 13 last year at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium and Heungkuk Life Insurance vs. IBK Industrial Bank on the 24th of last month. Both matches sold out 5,800 seats. In addition, all of the top 5 games with the highest number of spectators were held at Heungkuk Life Insurance’s home games, receiving enthusiastic support and affection from fans.

The fierce battle for the lead also helped the box office success. In the first half of this season, a fierce competition for 1st and 2nd place in the women’s division and a battle for mid-ranking took place. As of the end of the 3rd round, Hyundai E&C, which ranked first with 45 points, was closely followed by Heungkuk Life Insurance, who took second place with 42 points, and in the mid-ranking battle, Korea Expressway Corporation, which ranked third, scored 26 points, and IBK Industrial Bank, which ranked sixth, scored 22 points. The difference is only 4 points. 1 point for a win, one or two games can change the standings.

Various records were also poured out. 1 Hyundai E&C broke 4 new records. In addition to achieving the most consecutive wins in history with 16 consecutive wins, the most consecutive wins since the opening of the league, 15 consecutive wins, the most consecutive wins in home history with 23 consecutive wins, and the most consecutive wins in the regular league (single season), tied for 15 consecutive wins.

On the other hand, 7th place Pepper Savings Bank recorded 17 consecutive losses, the most consecutive losses since the opening of the league, and 20 consecutive losses, the most consecutive losses in history. However, on December 31 (Sat), they won their first win against Korea Expressway Corporation, raising expectations for the second half.

In the men’s division, KEPCO Park Chul-woo broke the record of achieving 6500 points and 350 serves with a cumulative 6562 points and 351 serve points. KEPCO Shin Young-seok achieved a cumulative 1093 blocking points, surpassing the 1056 record set by Lee Seon-gyu (former KB Insurance) and took the top spot in the category. Korean Air player Han succeeded in a cumulative 16,974 sets and continues to break the record of achieving the first in the V-League in that category, and Hyundai Capital Yeo Oh-hyun participated in 592 games, setting a new record for the highest number of appearances in the men’s division.

In addition, OK Financial Group Leo not only achieved a triple crown in 4 consecutive games for the first time in the V-League, but also won the 3rd round MVP for a total of 7 rounds, breaking his own record for the most rounds in the men’s division. This is the same as Hyojin Yang of Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the women’s division who won the round MVP award.

In addition, three players, including Woori Card Na Gyeong-bok and Korean Air Kwak Seung-seok, achieved the standard record of 200 serve No. 10-12 of all time, and Choi Seok-gi of Woori Card, Park Jin-woo of KB Insurance, and Kim Gyu-min of Korean Air No. 12-14 of all time in order. Achieved the standard record of 500 blocking. In addition, Park Sang-ha of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance achieved 800 blocking, the 5th of all time, and Jung Ji-seok of Korean Air achieved 5000 blocking, the 10th of all time. 토토사이트

In the women’s division, Hwang Yeon-joo of Hyundai Engineering & Construction succeeded in accumulating 455 serve points, breaking the record of reaching 450 serves for the first time in the V-League. In the field of defense, Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Hae-ran broke the first record of 10,500 dig successes, and Korea Expressway Corporation Im Myung-ok broke the first record of 5,500 receives, and Lim Myung-ok became the first player in the women’s division to play 500 games.

In addition, Korea Expressway Corporation Bae You-na became the 15th 200 serve standard record holder, and Hwang Yeon-ju of Hyundai E&C achieved 5000 defense 12 times.

On the other hand, starting from round 4, there was a small change in the league operation. In order to advance the league, the overlapping signals of assistant referees have been simplified by referring to international competitions including the world championships.

Accordingly, starting from the 4th game, the game has been changed so that the game can proceed naturally without an assistant referee’s end signal before the start of each set, at the completion of player substitutions, and at the completion of time-outs and technical time-outs. It was changed to the key to play the game without it.