“The atmosphere in the locker room will be very different.” The difference between Australia and Japan, revealed by a national team catcher in 2015

Samsung Kang Min-ho, a former national catcher, requested the promotion of his juniors participating in the WBC.

Starting with the 2006 Doha Asian Games, he started wearing the Taegeuk mark and led the team to win the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He served as the host of the national team for 15 years until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The WBC, which will be the turning point for the full recovery of baseball popularity after Corona 19. The match against Australia on the 9th and the match against Korea and Japan on the 10th will be held one after another.

2nd match of fate. How is Kang Min-ho looking?

“Our players, I think they will do well. I plan to cheer them on really hard. Before the game against Korea and Japan, there is a strange atmosphere in the locker room. I talk to him on the phone and spend time on our own before going into the game. It’s the same as during the season. But when it comes to the Korea-Japan game, the locker room is quiet. It’s a time when each of us prepares, but I feel that it’s a different energy.”

Kang Min-ho especially cheered on Yang Eui-ji, a junior catcher who developed each other through goodwill competition. 바카라

“I think being the national team’s catcher is such a position. It could be because I’m not selected anymore, but it’s a really honorable position, but it’s a really burdensome position. It’s an atmosphere of ‘If you do well, you’ll pay for it’… All players take responsibility, but there can be no pressure in it. There won’t be.”

Yang Eui-ji has been preparing for this tournament with utmost pride due to the sluggish performance at the Tokyo Olympics, where he participated with Kang Min-ho. The senior who knows that mind better than anyone else is Kang Min-ho.

The two players who divided the catcher market in the 2010s. They were competitors and stimulants that led to each other’s development.

“There’s a reason I said, ‘I’m really grateful to player Ji Ji’ in my acceptance speech at the Golden Glove Awards ceremony the year before. I think he’s a good motivator.”

Will they compete for the Golden Glove catcher category again this year? Kang Min-ho smiled broadly at the question, “Do you have a fight?”, saying, “I will always do my best to reach my goal with the determination that I will always die.”

With Kang Min-ho’s sincere support, will Yang Eui-ji be able to lead the national team’s pitchers to defeat Australia and Japan one after another? All attention is focused on Tokyo.

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