‘Tenderly shouldering’ Edmund, Kim Ha-seong, and Lee Jung-hoo, ‘the center of the national team’, reassuring to see

 The World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team official training was held on the afternoon of the 2nd at Gocheok Sky Dome, Guro-gu, Seoul.

The WBC team, which returned to Korea from Arizona, USA, held their first ‘complete’ training at Gocheok Dome바카라사이트.

During the first official training session for the entire group, Gocheok Sky Dome was crowded with many reporters.

Attention was also focused on St. Louis Tommy Edman, the first Korean major leaguer to wear the Taegeuk mark. Tommy Edman relaxed by talking about batting with big leaguer Ha-Sung Kim.

After the live betting, Tommy Edman and Ha-seong Kim and Jung-hoo Lee warmly hugged each other and made skinship.

Lee Jung-hoo, Kim Ha-seong, Edmon It was a reassuring ‘three shot’ just by looking at it. Expectations are also focused on the keystone combination of Kim Ha-seong and Edman.Taegeuk Mark Dan Tommy EdmanTommy Edman, Jung-Hoo Lee, and Ha-Sung Kim train together

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