South Korea sets out for Nongshimbae 3rd grade

Will Korea succeed in winning the third straight international baduk match among Korea, China, and Japan?. The final round of the 24th Nongshim Cup, which is being held online카지노사이트, will begin on the 20th with Korea’s third runner, Park Jeong-hwan (pictured), against Japan’s last stronghold, Iiyama Yuta.

South Korea’s remaining troops are three, the most among the three countries. Vanguard Shin Min-jun failed to score points, but runner-up Kang Dong-yoon turned the tide with his 4-game winning streak. Shin Jin-seo and Byeon Sang-il are waiting behind Park Jeong-hwan. It is the first time in five years since the 19th tournament that Korea has made the final round with three players.

Park Jeong-hwan is the 11th member of the Nongshim Cup and has a total of 14 wins (7 losses). He leads Yii Ma with 6 wins and 2 losses and Gu Zhao with 8 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. It has been a tight match with Ke Jie with 15 wins and 14 losses. The total number of victories is 14 in Korea, 8 in China, and 1 in Japan. A team prize of 500 million won is given only to the winning country.

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