“So that even if the hyungs leave, there will be no afterglow… ” 21-year-old left-hander, ‘9R 87 ranking’ going to the managing director, dreams of the future LG Pil Seung-jo

“Lee Woo-chan, please say a lot of good things.”

Song Seung-gi (21), who is called the pitcher who will lead the mound of the future of the LG Twins, is about to enlist in the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) on May 8. With less than three months left to enlist, Song Seung-gi is currently sweating heavily at LG Champions Park in Icheon.

Song Seung-gi, who recently met with MK Sports in Icheon, said, “I want to go to the first team once again before going to Sangmu. No, even if it’s not that, I think I’ll be able to feel satisfaction if I show a good performance in the demonstration game.”

He continued, “I lost a lot of weight when I was a rookie, but I gained a little weight last year. Because his weight fluctuates a lot, he focuses on weight now. Before he goes to Sangmu, he tries to lose weight by focusing on weight training. After spending about a month at the training center, he has to go to Sangmu right away, so I think it’s good for him to improve his condition from now on,” he added.

Song Seung-gi made his dream first-team debut in a match against kt wiz held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on April 21 last year. Song Seung-gi climbed the mound in the third inning when Son Joo-young, who started out, was shaken and went down after the second inning.

The first hitter he faced in his first-team debut was Park Byeong-ho, the home run king. Song Seung-gi struck out Park Byung-ho and started off smoothly, but the record after that was not good. He left a regret with 2.2 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs.

Looking back at the time, Song Seung-gi said, “I couldn’t sleep after receiving the call-up for the first team. He seemed like a dream. He couldn’t even sleep, and he seemed to have a great desire to go to the Jamsil mound and try it. During his debut match, the first hitter was senior Park Byeong-ho. He doesn’t even remember how he struck out. The first inning seems to have gone by really quickly.”

After that, Song Seung-gi appeared on the first team stage on May 26 and July 24, and took four chances in October when the season rankings were almost decided. His first-team debut season record was 7 games, 8.1 innings, 1 loss, and an ERA of 5.40.

“I wanted to gain more first-team experience,” he said. However, he sees the future at the club and바카라 thinks he will spend his time at Sangmu. He sees the future as better,” he said.

what is his dream It is a small wish to become the future left-hander Pil Seung-jo of LG. Last season, LG had Jin Hae-soo, Choi Seong-hun, Lee Woo-chan, and now Kim Dae-yu, who left for the KIA Tigers. Four left-handed pitchers came to the right place and provided a great help to the team. I went out with a strategy tailored to the opponent and always did my part.

Lee Woo-chan said, “I want to become a member of LG’s winning lefty like the lefty pitcher brothers who are now. Even after the hyungs retire, I will work harder so that the fans don’t feel the afterglow.”

His role models are “Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto) and Lee Woo-chan, who plays an active part in the team together. Both players are left-handed pitchers.

He said, “I started playing baseball while watching Ryu Hyun-jin, and he came to like baseball,” he said. “Lee Woo-chan is now playing on the same team. Didn’t he do very well last year? I thought he was very cool. You also study a lot about sports. He also has a really positive personality, so I want to learn,” he smiled.

Finally, “I don’t have a clear breaking ball yet. I’m throwing a fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup right now, but I want to make sure I make a slider and come back. Also, there are parts where I get impatient when I do it alone, but I want to learn how to throw more calmly.”

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