SK overturned the series, starting from director Jeon Hee-chul’s anomaly

‘The anomaly worked.’

Professional basketball Seoul SK won 66-60 in Game 5 of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship (Best of 7) against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 3rd. SK made the series 3 wins and 2 losses. There was only one win left to win the championship match for two consecutive years.

Director Jeon Hee-chul’s anomaly worked again. Coach Jeon Hee-cheol took out an irregular card from the 4th game. The match began without Kim Seon-hyung and Jameel Warney from the starting list. It was a choice for stamina arrangement. Head coach Jeon Hee-chul stuck to the straight shot method during the regular season. He thoroughly played the game focusing on the key players. Even when he pulls out an anomaly card, he says, “I don’t like anomalies.” But it was an inevitable decision.

An irregular card gave SK victory. Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, who saved their stamina and were put into the game, showed their presence in the game. Shined 2 games in a row. This is the reason why SK was able to maintain its concentration even when Ginseng Corp.’s physical strength declined.

Coach Jeon Hee-chul believed in the players. It instilled his confidence. Oh Jae-hyun is the core of the anomaly card. On this day, in the first quarter, the 3-point shot was also successful in overpowering the baseline with two shots. Oh Jae-hyun said, “The coach said, ‘Do whatever you want in the first quarter and come’. So he played with the mindset of a rookie with confidence. Thinking he knew nothing, he worked hard. That part was done well.”

“I focused on lowering the opponent’s physical strength even a little. And he also gained confidence.”

Kim Sun-hyung rather relieved the burden. Kim Seon-hyung said, “The director is using mercenary tactics. A bench member came in in the first quarter and played well. It’s good for relieving the burden. He is also helpful in conserving his stamina, but it is not easy for him to start the game well for two consecutive games. He looked back and said, “Thank you so much.안전놀이터

Director Jeon Hee-cheol brought out an irregular strategy that he usually does not like on the most important stage. The result is a great success. They went on the road with two consecutive wins at home. With an irregular strategy, he took a step closer to winning the championship match for the second year in a row.

On the 5th, SK will move to the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium and play the long-awaited 6th game of the championship match.

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