Serato, the ‘new engine’ of Daegu’s midfielder, “My team is really comfortable, just like home in Brazil”

(Best Eleven)

Brazilian midfielder Marcos Serato, who will be in charge of Daegu FC’s midfield from the 2023 season, was satisfied with advancing to the K-League and showed a willingness to make great results in the upcoming season.

At the end of last year, Daegu informed fans of the news of the signing of Serato. According to Daegu’s introduction, Serato has excellent left-footed kicking skills, and is known for his ability to coordinate and pass the game to properly balance the offense and defense.

According to Brazilian media <Babeu>, Serato, who had been active in Krausima until recently, showed satisfaction with the experience of advancing overseas through Daegu. “I’m delighted to be gaining my experience outside of Brazil. It’s something I’ve always wanted, and now I can gain experience in another country,” said Serato. 슬롯사이트

Cod is helping him adapt quickly, he said. Serato said, “We do everything to make the club feel like home in Brazil. That’s why it’s much easier to adapt. The players have responded well, and we are familiarizing ourselves with the Korean language and the way they understand football.”

In addition, Serato said, “I want to have a great pre-season to help our team achieve a great season and reach the top. I also want to play in the cup finals.” showed a willingness to do so.

Meanwhile, Daegu is currently in full swing in preparation for the 2023 season in Namhae. Serato is also doing his best in this field training.

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