Seoul SK, from 9th place to a tie for 3rd place

SK was shaken at the beginning of the season, but managed to rebound.

Seoul SK was the best team in the league last season. Despite his tall stature, he has won everything from the cup competition to the regular season and the championship match with a quick attack. However, at the beginning of this season, it was a bit sluggish. It was because there was a vacancy and residual injuries of the players. At the beginning of the season, he suffered the humiliation of falling to 9th place in the league.

However, after Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F) and Choi Seong-won (184cm, G) joined the team, it quickly rebounded. As a result, SK finished the first half in a tie for third place.

#SK ‘s season is divided before and after joining Choi Jun-yong

. SK’s start was very uneasy. Ahn Yeong-joon (196cm, F) left the team due to military issues and regular season MVP Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F) could not join due to injury. Without Choi Jun-yong, SK recorded 4 wins and 8 losses in the first 12 games. 슬롯사이트
On defense, the opponent allowed too many outside shots. In the offense, SK’s unique running basketball did not survive. Kim Seon-hyeong (187cm, G) struggled hard to score and assemble an attack, but the other players were lacking in performance. Jamil Warney (199cm, C) also showed ups and downs.
However, SK’s sluggishness did not last long. Choi Jun-yong and Choi Seong-won returned to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the second round. After that, SK rose to the top again with a record of 13 wins and 6 losses.
SK now has a normal power. All the bad looks from the beginning of the season are gone. And in the last 3 round against Samsung in Seoul, SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “The team has not had a quick attack like before. So, once again, I explained to the players why we need to play fast.” In fact, on this day, SK clearly overpowered the opponent with a quick attack like last season. After that, both games were won with quick attacks. SK is ready to run once again for ‘Refit’.

#Attack is still the same…

SK is a team that scores a lot. Because it uses fast attacks as its main weapon, it has no choice but to speed up. But last season wasn’t just good on offense. His defensive rating (expected points conceded in 100 chances defended) was 103, the lowest in the league. The average run scored was 79.1, the fourth lowest in the league. Both offenses were at the top of the league. But this season is different. The pace is 72.4, which is slower than last season. On the contrary, the conceded point is 80.9 points, allowing more points than last season. This is the team that allows the fourth most goals in the league. The 3-point shot acceptance rate is also 35.3%, the highest rate except for Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu. In other words, currently SK is not a good defensive team.
It is certain that SK’s performance has improved recently. However, they still allow too many outside shots for their opponents. The points conceded per game are also disappointing compared to last season. Improving defense seems to be essential for the goal of ‘Refit’.

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