Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance caught up with Woori Card…Ikbairi flew wildly

met again after 9 days, but the result was the same. I didn’t have to go to the full set this time. Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance caught Woori Card’s ankles again.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated Woori Card with a set score of 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-20) in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd and won a shutout victory. reaped Following the set score 3-2 victory in the 4th round on the 25th of last month, it is the second consecutive win against Woori Card.

The lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (7 wins, 18 losses, 22 points) with 3 points narrowed the gap with 6th place KB Insurance (9 wins, 16 losses, 27 points) to 5 points. On the other hand, Woori Card (14 wins, 12 losses, 39 points), which was mired in 3 consecutive losses, faced a situation where it was impossible to guarantee a 3rd place finish.

Ikbairi exploded from the beginning, and there was no counterattack from Woori Card.

From the first set, the two teams had mixed feelings. In Woori Card, Kim Ji-han, Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez), and Na Gyeong-bok recorded errors side by side, while Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ikbairi), who scored 7 points in the first set alone, showed off his presence to the fullest. In particular, in 21-17, the scene where Kim Ji-han and Na Gyeong-bok were attacked and consecutive sub-aces was the highlight.

In the second set, he even helped the defense. In 11-8, Lee Sang-wook’s incredible dig as a libero who rescued Na Kyung-bok’s spike, followed by Shin Shin-ho’s blocking broke the opponent’s will to pursue. Woori Card urgently requested a timeout at 12-8토토사이트 , but the score gap widened further with Kim Jun-woo’s blocking and Kim Jeong-ho’s sub ace.

Agamez, who scored 5 points in the first set alone, continued to be silent for a long time, recording only one point in the second set. Na Kyung-bok’s effort, which added 7 points in the second set, was useless. In particular, when players with relatively weak defenses such as Kim Ji-han were in the back, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance tried not to miss this empty gap.

Woori Card finished the 2nd set without any reversal, and continued to work hard with Kim Ji-han and Na Gyeong-bok until the middle of the 3rd set. But that was it. In 16-16, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who scored 5 points starting with Kim Jeong-ho’s C fast attack, ran away.

Woori Card caught up with a 3-point lead thanks to Agamez’s successive fast break and serve ace in 17-22, and Samsung Fire & Marine reached the match point with the opponent’s serve and Shin Shin-ho’s fast break C. In 24-20, Iqbairi, who received Lee Hogan’s toss, ended the game with an open attack.

Woori Card, which was disappointing in performance, is far from competing for second place.

The player who scored the most points among both teams was Ikbairi (22 points). In addition, with 9 back attacks, 3 blocking, and 4 sub aces, I created my personal No. 3 triple crown (3 or more each of back attack, blocking, and sub aces). The reason why he came out on top in the sub contest of the All-Star Game was proved from the first game of the 5th round.

Domestic players also stood by Ikbairi’s side. Kim Jeong-ho (11 points), who had an attack success rate of 90%, Shin Shin-ho, who scored 7 points including 1 sub ace, and Ha Hyun-yong (6 points) and Kim Jun-woo (5 points), who recorded 2 blocks each, contributed to the team’s victory.

On the other hand, Woori Card, where Agamez only scored 8 points, key players such as Na Gyeong-bok (12 points) and Kim Ji-han (10 points) did not play their part. Considering that the team’s attack success rate was 42.42%, which was a big difference from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (58.06%), it was not possible to place the blame for the defeat on a specific player. By and large, all players fell short of expectations.

It is true that after taking a break for two days after the KB Insurance match on the 31st of last month, they were at a physical disadvantage compared to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, but Woori Card was not alone. All teams complain of fatigue when they have to take two days off and play the game. In order to go to spring volleyball, you have to overcome yourself.

Woori Card, which lost to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, fell away from competing for second place. Naturally, the men’s rankings are dominated by the ‘2nd round’ of Korean Air (19-6, 55 points) and Hyundai Capital (16-9, 49 points), and the three teams from Woori Card to KEPCO (11-14, 35 points). The atmosphere is being reorganized into a competition for third place. For 4th place OK Financial Group (12 wins, 13 losses, 37 points) and 5th place KEPCO, now is a golden opportunity to narrow or overturn the distance from 3rd place.

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