Ronaldo kicking Di Maria, this time to the controversy over betrayal of the sponsor for 20 years… Wearing the largest competitor’s products openly in pre-season games

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), who drew attention after colliding with ‘his old colleague’ Angel Di Maria (Benfica), is in conflict with his personal sponsor this time?

Spanish media ‘Football España’ reported on the 21st (Korean time) that Ronaldo could lose Nike’s sponsorship after wearing Adidas shin guards in a friendly match against Celta Vigo.

Nike has sponsored Ronaldo since 2003. His contract was renewed in 2016, and it is known that his contract size reached 1 billion dollars (approximately 1.13 trillion won). He has a condition that all soccer equipment except for the uniform and soccer ball must wear Nike.

However, it was revealed that Ronaldo was wearing Adidas, Nike’s biggest rival brand, in a pre-season friendly match against Celta Vigo (Spain) on the 18th. It was caught wearing shin protectors with the same three-stripe mark as the symbol of Adidas through local broadcasting and photos. On this day, Ronaldo played only the first half and was substituted, and Al Nasr lost 0-5 to Celta Vigo.

According to Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’, the shin protector Ronaldo wore in this match is an Adidas ‘X Pro’ product.

‘Football España’ is in danger of losing sponsorship due to breach of contract with Nike after ‘Ronaldo was found wearing Adidas shin guards. In particular, given that Adidas is Nike’s biggest competitor in the sports brand market, Ronaldo’s breach of contract with which they have been in a partnership for 20 years could be a collision.’ Also, ‘Ronaldo usually wears personalized shin guards, but this time it wasn’t the case. It is not clear why he used Adidas products, but considering the value of his current contract with Nike, it could be problematic.’

Nike has not released a statement regarding Ronaldo’s breach of contract.

In the pre-season match against Benfica held in Estadio Algarve, Faro, Portugal, three days after the Celta match, Ronaldo committed an unsportsmanlike foul against Di María, who ate a bowl of rice at Real Madrid in the past, and controversy ensued. Shortly before half time, Di María broke through Ronaldo’s defense with an exquisite individual tactic, after which Ronaldo struck him in the side with his right knee. The collapsed Di María protested to the referee, and Ronaldo, who passed by pretending not to know, belatedly approached and checked the situation.

Ronaldo and Di Maria played together for Real Madrid from 2010 to 2014, winning La Liga and the Champions League. On this day, before the kickoff, they greeted each other happily and were friendly, but Ronaldo, who failed to control his emotions during the game, again stood at the center of criticism for his unreasonable movements.무지개벳

He played the full 90 minutes on the day, but Al Nasr lost again heavily, 1-4.

Ronaldo, who had been quiet for a while, was followed by an eccentricity in a pre-season game, followed by a contract violation controversy with his personal sponsor, and the image of a ‘accident’ is following again.

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