Representatives of the MZ generation Kim Se-yeon and Kim Bo-mi 3 wins to the round of 16. Gayoung Kim placed 2nd in Group Round of 16 – SK World Championship

Kim Se-yeon and Kim Bo-mi, representatives of the young MZ generation, advanced to the round of 16 with 3 wins and 1st place in the group. Kim Ga-young, who had two unbeaten sets, was defeated by Kim Se-yeon and advanced to the round of 16 in second place.

Kim Ga-young and Kim Se-yeon are the defending and inaugural champions. It was already confirmed in the 2nd game that they had already qualified for the round of 16, so there was no need to throw in all their might.

In order to meet an easy opponent in the round of 16, it is better to win and become first in the group, but with the tension slightly lowered, Kim Se-yeon defeated Kim Ga-young in the final 3rd round of the 2023 SK Rent-A-Car LPBA Championship’ round of 32 preliminary league held on the 7th (JTBC Studio Ilsan). pressed to 0바카라

Kim Ga-young is a little weak against Kim Se-yeon. In the final of the first World Championship in 2021, she unexpectedly lost 2-4 to Kim Se-yeon, establishing herself as a natural enemy.

Kim Ga-young, who broke the first set by 1:11 without hitting what she was supposed to hit, took a lead of 5:1 with 4 consecutive hits in 2 innings in the 2nd set. However, Kim Se-yeon, who followed little by little, hit 3 consecutive hits in 12 innings and lost by 7:11.

Kim Bo-mi managed the game leisurely and defeated Lee Ma-ri 2-0.

Kim Bo-mi, who started with 5 consecutive hits in 1 set and 2 innings, won 11:5, 11:6 without giving up a lead.

Kim Bo-mi advanced to the round of 16 with an overwhelming 1st place with 3 victories in no loss sets.

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