‘Rap soccer player’ Gwangju Lee Soon-min “New song coming out…but faithful to my job”

Midfielder Lee Sun-min of Gwangju FC, a professional soccer team, drew attention in October of last year not for soccer, but for ‘hip-hop’.

At the K-League Awards Ceremony held at The-K Hotel in Seocho-gu, Seoul at the time, he appeared as a ‘invited singer’ and took off his soccer shoes and grabbed the microphone.

Players, coaches, and team officials who gathered at the awards ceremony were delighted with his outstanding rapping skills and stage control, and the performance was later shared as a video, drawing attention from fans.

Lee Soon-min, who visited the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th, said, “Director Lee Jeong-hyo was very worried before the performance. ” he laughed.

Lee Soon-min said, “It’s an honor to attend the awards ceremony, but I didn’t know how to perform. I really like rap. I’m still doing it now, and a new song will be released later this month.”

Lee Soon-min’s passion for hip-hop is sincere.

He said, “I was self-taught and also learned separately. I think I need a special ability to express myself, so I find rap as a hobby,” he said. “It’s really fun. There is joy in creation.”

“Unfortunately, there was no response from the hip-hop world after the performance at the time,” he said.

Lee Soon-min loves hip-hop, but he says that he only works on songs during the off-season. This is because he knows well that his ‘main job’ is soccer.

“I think it happened because I worked hard at my main job, soccer. I will be more faithful to my main job,” he said.

Lee Soon-min teamed up with coach Lee last season and set the record for the most points (86) in K-League 2 history, achieving Gwangju’s ‘historic season’.

Lee Soon-min was also named as a midfielder in the K-League 2 Best 11. It was his first individual title won in five years of his professional career.

The team that achieved promotion is now ahead of the competition in the first division.

Coach Lee said that he would play ‘offensive football’ rather than ‘defense football’ to secure points.

Yi Sun-min also agreed. “For the team to develop, we need to play attacking football while possessing the ball,” he emphasized.

He continued, “The coach keeps 슬롯사이트giving me new homework. I’m trying to follow as he guides, but I get nervous in training every day.”

He said, “I see soccer as much as I know. When I take a position, I become more free with a difference of one step, and I am more pressured.” I came to know that

Lee Soon-min emphasized that the team had been preparing for the competition in the first division since last season.

He said, “Even last season, promotion wasn’t the only goal. Beyond promotion, the goal was to go beyond promotion to a level that I’m good at in Division 1,” he said. As the season progressed, the promotion was confirmed early.”

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