‘Qatar scandal’ that hit the EU… The European Parliament also raided

Suspicion that Qatar, the host of the 2022 World Cup, lobbied the European Parliament is growing like a snowball.

Investigative authorities handed over those involved one after another and even seized and searched the offices of the European Parliament.

This is Reporter Jung Daye.


Vice-Chairman Eva Kylie, who stood on the European Parliament speech podium last month, suddenly pours out remarks defending Qatar. <Eva Kylie / Vice-President of the European Parliament> “I have argued that Qatar is a leader in labor

rights, such as abolishing the ‘Kapala’ system, which even European companies are hesitant about, and reducing the minimum wage.

The local prosecution believes that there was a huge amount of bribes against the background of the blatant defense. 안전놀이터

Major foreign media such as the New York Times reported that “Qatar appears to have launched a bribery campaign to make international public opinion friendly.

” As the so-called case became known to the world, Europe was in shock.

Four people, including former Greek TV anchorwoman Kylie, were put on trial for money laundering and corruption charges.

<Roberta Mezzola / President of the European Parliament> ” Folks, (in this case) the European Parliament was attacked. Democracy in Europe has been attacked.”

Prosecutors raided the offices of the European Parliament and the homes of those involved.

The BBC feared that the bribery case could become the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the European Parliament.

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