Prospective shooter Ye-dam Koo, head of the bodyguard, holds a gold medal with a new high school girl’s air rifle record

2022 East Asia Youth Air Gun Shooting Competition gold medalist Gu Ye-dam (17‧ Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School) won a gold medal by setting a new record in the 10m air rifle women’s high school division.

Koo Ye-dam scored 628.1 points in the final round of the 10m air rifle for high school girls at her event held at the Cheongju Shooting Range on the 17th. She set a new record for her high school girls by one point, surpassing the previous record of 627.1 points set by Son Jin-ju (Cheonan Girls’ High School) last year.

Koo Ye-dam, riding on her momentum, hit the golden target by beating even Park Jae-young (Jeonnam Girls’ High School) in the gold medal match.카지노사이트

She, Ye-dam Koo, is considered a promising player who won first place at the 51st National Boys Sports Festival last year and scored 631.2 points in the finals at the 15th Asian Air Gun Championships in Daegu, setting a new record for the middle school division. 카지노사이트

Following Kang Cho-hyun, the silver medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she is expected to be the next generation of Korean women’s air rifles.

Lee Se-ram (Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School) took 3rd place after Koo Ye-dam and Park Jae-young, and Park Min-ha (Heungjin High School), who had high expectations, failed to win the prize in 8th place.

On this day, Eunseo Lee (Seosan City Hall) took her gold medal in the women’s 50m ceremonial event. Kim Bo-kyung (Woori Bank) won the silver medal and Bae So-hee (Senior Director) won the bronze medal.

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