Professional basketball Carrot, delayed payment of team salaries… lameness concerns

It has been revealed that Day One Sports, the operator of the professional basketball team Carrot, failed to pay the players’ salaries on time.

It is because of the management difficulties of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the parent company, and I am concerned about whether I will be able to pay the remaining 1 billion won of professional basketball subscription fees.

This is reporter Ha Moo-rim’s report.


Day One Sports, which acquired professional basketball Orion last year, was founded under the name of its sponsor, ‘Carrot’.

However, as soon as it was founded, it caused controversy by paying 500 million won for the first round of KBL membership fees late.

This year, it was confirmed that even the salaries of the players and staff could not be paid on time.

Day One Sports said it had to pay wages yesterday, but it was delayed to the 13th.

The parent company of Day One Sports is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, a mid-sized company, but it has become difficult to raise funds as the parent company is in serious financial trouble.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s union criticized Chairman Kim Yong-bin for taking over the basketball team unreasonably despite a management crisis.

[Hahm Se-jong/Chief of the labor union/22nd of last month: “While Chairman Kim Yong-bin is building his own external image and expanding his influence in the sports world, the lack of liquidity is threatening the company’s existence.”

] Chairman Kim Yong-bin recently resigned from the positions of chairman of the Curling Federation and director of the Sports Association. 안전놀이터

However, the aftermath leads to the basketball team, and there are concerns about lameness.

The Carrot Basketball Team has to pay the remaining 1 billion won to KBL by the end of March, and if it is not paid, it is impossible to participate even if it goes to the playoffs. [ Soundbite

] Choi Hyeon-sik/KBL Public Relations Team Leader : “The federation is aware of this situation and is continuously monitoring it. We plan to proceed in accordance with principles in accordance with procedures.”

The basketball team is becoming a detonator that will bring about league crippling at any time.