‘Prince of Happiness’ and ‘King of the Match’ between Dubai… ‘Dolkong’ Miracle

Just like the miracle of the national soccer team’s round of 16, which kept people from sleeping at the Qatar World Cup last year, the sandstorm in the Middle East is stirring once again from the beginning of the New Year.

According to the Korean Horse Association on the 5th, Seoul’s ‘Prince of Happiness (Wed, 6 years old, USA, domestic rating 127, international rating 103, Lee Bang-hoon’s horse)’ and Busan-Gyeongnam’s ‘King of the Match (Wed, 5 years old)’ , USA, Domestic Rating 113, International Rating 104, DRMCT Maju)’ set out on an expedition to the ‘Dubia World Cup’, one of the world’s best horse racing competitions.

The Korean Horse Association dispatched employees for stable local transportation and quarantine of ‘Prince of Happiness’ and ‘King of the Match’ and started supporting them in connection with joining the local Meydan Racecourse. ‘Prince of Happiness’ and ‘King of the Match’, which arrived on the 22nd of last month, are currently in a state of full-fledged local adaptation and condition management.

‘Prince of Happiness’, a racehorse that received a spotlight by winning the ‘Grand Prix (G1)’ in 2021, has a record of 8 wins in 22 matches and 7 consecutive wins at the age of 4. It is a horse that has a special aptitude for mid- to long-distance. . ‘Prince of Happiness’ is scheduled to participate in the ‘Thunder Snow Challenge (2000m)’ on the 13th local time.

Last year’s ‘KRA Cup Classic (G2)’ and ‘Owner’s Cup (G3)’ runner-up ‘King of the Match’, a strong player in Busan and South Gyeongsang Province, also threw their tickets to the same race on the same day, drawing attention to the confrontation between national team racehorses. do.

The ‘Dubai World Cup Carnival (DWCC)’ filled with qualifying races for the ‘Dubai World Cup’ will be held every Friday from the 6th to the 24th of the following month. In the case of excellent results in the carnival race, they advance to the semi-finals, ‘Super Saturday’ on March 4, and then a long-term race continues until the final, ‘Dubai World Cup’ on March 25.

Korea Horse Racing’s challenge for the Dubai World Cup began in 2016. ‘Success Story’, now active as a riding horse after the retirement of the racehorse, and ‘Chun-gu’, a sprinter, were listed on the list, and Korea Horse Racing’s first expedition to the United Arab Emirates took place. Here, ‘Success Story’ left a meaningful mark by landing in third place in two DWCC races.토토

In 2017, Korea’s racehorses ‘Triple Nine’ and ‘Power Blade’ were named on the list for the semi-final ‘Super Saturday’ after two years of the Dubai expedition, and in the case of ‘Triple Nine’, one of the Dubai World Cup final series races, He also participated in the ‘Godolphin Mile’.

And finally, in 2019, the miracle of ‘Dolkong’ unfolded. During the DWCC, ‘Dolkong’ took first place in the ‘Curlin Handicap (2000m) race with an overwhelming performance by 9 and 1/2 lengths. 6th, 3rd, and finally 1st place, Dolkong’s excellent performance continued until ‘Super Saturday’. He participated in the ‘Al Maktoum Challenge R3 (2000m)’, which has the largest prize money among the seven ‘Super Saturday’ races, and took third place out of 10 participating horses, succeeding in winning the prize.

‘Dolkong’ achieved the highest international rating (110) in the history of Korean horse racing at the time, and was honored to participate in the main final race ‘Dubai World Cup’ for the first time in Korean horse racing.