POLICE showcases their experience and know-how to win

The experience accumulated over the years could not be ignored. They knew how to win no matter what.

POLICE extended its winning streak to three games with a 55-52 victory over Miracom I&C, led by its eldest brother Oh Won-seok (22 points, five rebounds, five steals, three assists, two 3+1 threes) and Cho Chung-sik (19 points, 22 rebounds, three assists) in Group E of the EVISU SPORTS Bae 2023 The K Workplace Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) at a gymnasium near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on Nov. 21.토토사이트

After not playing for more than a month, it was important for the team to regain its game feel. Their shooting percentage was lower than before, and they made a series of mistakes. In the midst of this, Oh Won-seok encouraged the juniors by going from inside to outside. Cho Chung-sik dominated under the basket, while Yang Jung-geun (7 points, 4 rebounds) and Kwon Tae-bok (3 points, 10 rebounds) provided support from the sidelines. Lim Seung-hyun and Kang Sung-yoon ran the offense, while Kim Geun-young, Lee Ji-dong, and Choi Woo-seok did the dirty work to ease the burden on their teammates’ shoulders.

Miracom I&C faced POLICE for the first time since their first appearance in The K Workplace Basketball League in 2015 (then OpenTide Korea, which merged with Miracom I&C in 2015). Ace Lim Jong-oh (6 steals, 5 rebounds) made a name for himself by showing no fear against POLICE, who scored 23 points on their own to upset the league. Clinical Dong (8 points, 5 rebounds) and Nam Jae-hyun (8 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists) anchored the team from the inside, while Lee Hyo-eun (4 points), Kim Shin-gu, Hong Jung-woo (2 points, 5 rebounds), and Hwang Kyung-hwan (5 points, 8 rebounds) did the dirty work to help their teammates.

Miracom I&C took control from the start. Lim Jong-oh and Nam Jae-hyun led the way. They ran hard, scored fastbreak points, and used their breakthrough ability to score points. They combined for 9 points in the first quarter alone, shaking the POLICE defense. Hwang Kyung-hwan, Kim Sang-dong, and Lee Ji-seok fought for rebounds with all their might against Cho Chung-sik, who has become one of the best centers in the league.

POLICE countered with Cho Chung-sik’s relentless drive to the basket, where he pulled down offensive rebounds over his opponents’ heads and drove relentlessly into the gaps to score. Kwon Tae-bok jumped into the rebounding fray next to Cho Chung-sik, and Yang Jung-geun supported his teammates by moving inside and out.

The game remained close in the second quarter. Miracom I&C put pressure on their opponents, led by Lim Jong-oh. Lim Jong-oh drove through the opponent’s defense to score and repeatedly drew fouls. Hwang Kyung-hwan and Shin Sang-dong took turns guarding Hong Jung-woo, while Lee Hyo-eun helped her teammates by running the game alongside Nam Jae-hyun.

POLICE did not stand still either. Oh Won-seok took the lead. He made a 3+1 three-pointer to improve his shooting, then drove deep to score. He scored eight points in the second quarter alone to lead the team’s offense. Cho Chung-sik pulled down rebounds and made timely passes to his teammates.

In a tense atmosphere, POLICE took the lead in the third quarter. Oh Won-seok and Cho Chung-sik held the center firmly. They made timely passes to set up their teammates’ shots, grabbed rebounds, and even made shots from outside the three-point line. They combined for 16 points in the third quarter alone, leading the team’s offense. Kwon Tae-bok, Lim Seung-hyun, and Yang Jeong-geun supported Cho Chung-sik and Oh Won-seok by playing inside and out.

After being held back by POLICE’s offense throughout the third quarter, Miracom I&C came out firing in the fourth quarter. She switched to a man-to-man defense and constantly pressured her opponents, sometimes even fouling them. Even when conceding free throws, the defense knew that POLICE’s free throw percentage was low.

The intent was to hit over 90% of them. POLICE didn’t shoot well from the free throw line throughout the game, hitting only 3 of their 8 free throws in the fourth quarter. Due to the pressure, they missed a series of shots from the floor. The scoring of Oh Won-seok and Cho Chung-sik, who were active in the second and third quarters, also reached a lull. Miracom I&C narrowed the gap to 52-55 late in the fourth quarter as Lim Jong-oh actively participated in the offense while defending Oh Won-seok and made a three-pointer.

However, Miracom I&C did not have a high free throw percentage either. They missed a free throw just before they caught Dae-er. More importantly, Lim Jong-oh and Hwang Kyung-hwan missed all four of their free throws with just over a minute left in the game. POLICE fought tooth and nail for the rest of the game and managed to hold on for the win. Meanwhile, the EVISU SPORTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP of the game was POLICE’s eldest brother Oh Won-seok, who led his team to victory with 22 points, five rebounds, five steals, and three assists, including two 3+1 three-pointers.

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