Park Jong-beom joined Rangers in the Hong Kong Premier League… He played against Hong Kong champion Kitch in his debut match

Defender Park Jong-beom (25), who played for Hong Kong Professional Football Division 1 Hoi King SA, moved to Rangers FC of the Premier League, the first division of Hong Kong Professional Football. In his debut match, Park Jong-beom played full-time against the Hong Kong champion Kitchee SC and led the team to victory.

Park Jong-beom was born in Jeonbuk Hyundai Youth. After graduating from Woosuk University, he challenged for an overseas stage challenge, but due to the corona situation in 2020, he will finish his military service at the Jeonju Citizen Soccer Team after returning to Korea. While training at FC Abneil to try again on the overseas stage and aiming to advance to the overseas professional stage, he joined Hong Kong Hoiking SA in August and was reborn as the core of the team, recording 1 goal and 1 assist in 11 matches. After about six months, he received a love call from Rangers FC, a first division team, and was transferred.

Park Jong-beom is a multi-resource that can play both central defense and defensive midfielder. He is the type of fighter who harasses the opposing striker through Wang Seong-hwan’s activity, and at the same time, he is a player with strengths in stable build-up and defensive power.

The Hong Kong Rangers, to which Park Jong-beom transferred, was founded in 1958 and has a 65-year history. He has been showing competitiveness on the Hong Kong professional soccer stage for a long time, winning the Hong Kong Senior Shield 4 times and the FA Cup 2 times. It is also known as the last team that coach Kim Pan-gon, who is currently leading the Malaysian national soccer team, played for during his days as a player.스포츠토토

On the 8th, the Rangers succeeded in killing the giant by winning 2-1 in the Hong Kong Sappling Cup against Hong Kong champion Kitchi. This loss marks Kitchee’s first loss this season. Park Jong-beom, who started as a central defender, blocked Kitchi’s strong attacking power and performed perfectly in his debut match. Meanwhile, another Korean of the Rangers, Kim Min-gyu, played full-time as a right fullback and helped the team win.

Rangers coach Man Chi-woo Joong said, “We recruited Park Jong-beom to stabilize the defense. From his debut game, he showed an active appearance without hesitation against strong teams, and we are looking forward to his performance in the remaining games of this season.” evaluated.

The Rangers, who are currently in 7th place in the league, are looking forward to the synergy effect of Park Jong-beom and Kim Min-kyu, and aim for a leap in the rankings through the 8th round of the league against RCFC on the 15th.

Meanwhile, FC Abneil, where Park Jong-beom played, starts a new season in February 2023 with the goal of becoming another overseas professional club. We are currently recruiting players, and for more information, please refer to FC Abneil’s Instagram.

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