Oh Young-soo, who is aiming for the NC first baseman, begins special training to reduce the ‘missing rate’

 Oh Young-soo (23), a promising player in the NC Dinos, is sweating hard to reinforce the detail that was pointed out as a weakness. For Oh Young-soo, who has already been recognized for his great shot potential, this is an important task to be resolved in order to solidify his position as the first baseman.

Oh Young-soo is participating in the NC spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Along with Kim Joo-won, Oh Young-soo, who is considered the “future” of the NC field team, took his place as a first baseman last year, his first season after being discharged from the military. He played in 83 games, hitting 0.238 with 6 home runs and 31 RBIs.

He was recognized for카지노사이트 his slugging power with 6 homers and up to 10 doubles, but his problem was the number of strikeouts. The number of hits was 55, and strikeouts were 58 more than hits. He showed an active appearance at the plate and produced many good results, but when pitchers noticed this and used breaking balls frequently, his accuracy dropped significantly.

You yourself are well aware of this. Before joining the team spring camp, Oh Young-soo first completed individual training in the United States for two weeks. It is to overcome his weakness through changes such as modifying the swing mechanism.

Oh Young-soo said, “I received a batting mechanism analysis at the baseball training center in LA, and I felt that there were many weaknesses in my swing.”

Song Ji-man, NC hitting coach, also said, “Oh Young-soo had a high swing rate last season, and he has been aware of the problem and prepared for it himself.” talked,” he explained.

NC believes that Oh Young-soo, a right-handed left-handed big shot prospect, will be able to have sufficient competitiveness even if he has above-average contact skills.

Recruiting outfield agent Jason Martin as a foreign hitter also reveals that expectations for Oh Young-soo are high. As of now, it is the 2023 season for Oh Young-soo, who should show more development than last year as he is closest to the NC first baseman position.

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