NBA Daily Injury Report (January 21): Missing Gols Curry, Thompson, Green, and Wiggins

Golden State will go on an expedition to Cleveland while giving its key players a break.

Reporter Anthony Slater of ‘The Athletic’ said Stephen Curry (34, 188cm), Klay Thompson (32, 198cm), and Draymond Green (32, 32) at the Golden State Warriors’ away game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the 21st (hereafter Korean time). , 198cm) and Andrew Wiggins (27, 201cm) were not scheduled to be hired.

Golden State lost 118-121 to Boston the previous day after a close game that went to overtime. Golden State, which is in a five-game series in the East, is expected to give rest to key players including Curry, Thompson, and Green in the game against Cleveland, which will be held on a back-to-back schedule. For reference, this season, Curry, Thompson, and Green have recorded three losses in games that have been missed at the same time.슬롯사이트

On the other hand, Jamaikal Green (32, 203cm) and Jonathan Cuminga (20, 203cm), who have been on the injured list all along, are scheduled to return to the court that day.

The home team, Cleveland, also has an injury variable. Ace Donovan Mitchell (26, 185cm) will miss the game on the 21st following the match against the Memphis Grizzlies on the 19th due to a groin injury. As Mitchell missed two games in a row, Caris LeVert (28, 198cm) is expected to start in place of Mitchell as in the last game.

In addition, Nicola Jokic (27, 211cm) and LeBron James (38, 206cm) were listed on the injured list due to hamstring and ankle pain, respectively. In addition to the players mentioned above, there were some changes on the injured list ahead of the game on the 21st. Jumpball took a look at it. [Injury update as of January 21st, 8:00 am

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