Messi found a replacement… I wrote my name on the first list of recruits

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are trying to sign Bernardo Silva as a replacement for Lionel Messi.

Messi is likely to leave PSG at the end of this season. PSG and Messi do not seem to be discussing renewing the contract or activating the option to extend it for one year. Recently, after Messi went to Saudi Arabia without the club’s permission, he was disciplined and fell out with the club, and PSG fans booed Messi, and the distance between Messi and the fans grew. As long as there is no change, it seems that Messi will finish his accompaniment with PSG at the end of this season. Currently, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal and Messi’s home team, Barcelona, ​​are working hard to bring Messi.먹튀검증

PSG needs to find a replacement for Messi. Regardless of his relationship with the club or fans, Messi, who still maintained a high level of skill, occupied more than a certain portion of PSG’s power. Now that PSG has decided to part with Messi, they need to find a player who can fill Messi’s vacancy. Accordingly, PSG put Silva, who is playing for Manchester City, as a candidate for scout.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ quoted a report from the French media ‘Le Parisien’ and said that PSG plans to recruit Silva to replace Messi. ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Silva is currently at the top of PSG’s summer transfer market recruitment list. Silva has previously expressed his desire to leave Manchester City and work on a new project together,” and said that Silva may take off his Manchester City uniform this summer. insisted.

Silva said in an interview with Portuguese media ‘Hecord’ in the past: “Right now I’m focusing on this season and it doesn’t make sense to talk about leaving the team mid-season. I’ll be 29 by the summer. I have no intention of hiding that my goal is to move the team for a new project if I get a good offer from another team over the years.”

Silva’s contract ends in 2025, and Silva is now known to be interested in Barcelona in addition to PSG.

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