‘Men’s Judo Ace’ Lee Ha-rim’s confidence “I don’t think I’ll lose to anyone”

On the 24th, Korean Horse Association (Chairman Jeong Ki-hwan) Judo Team’s national players Lee Ha-rim (-60kg), Han Ju-yeop (-90kg), and Kim Jae-yoon (-100kg) left for Portugal to compete in an international competition. . They are set to participate in the Paris Grand Slam on the 4th and 5th of next month, following the Portuguese Grand Prix held on the 27th and 29th.

The Korea Horse Association Judo Team won a total of 19 prizes in domestic and international competitions last year, including winning the Suncheon Bay National Garden Cup team event in March last year and Lee Ha-rim gold medal in the IJF Masters competition. It has achieved the feat of winning the Encouragement Prize in the Operation Team Award Contest.

As such, the Korea Horse Association Judo Team, which boasts the best skills in Korea both in name and reality, is scheduled to participate in the World Championships in May and the Hangzhou Asian Games in September by raising their skills and condition to the best starting with the Portuguese Grand Prix.

In particular, Lee Ha-rim, who is ranked 3rd in the world, is showing improved condition by winning the IJF Masters, where the world’s strongest players compete. Having won first place at the Portuguese Grand Prix in January last year, expectations for another victory this year are growing.

Male judo ace Lee Ha-rim expressed his determination through the Korean Racing Association. The following is an excerpt from Lee Ha-rim’s interview. 

– In the IJF 2022 Masters competition, where top rankers participate, you won first place in December last year. How do you feel?

In December of last year, there were two Tokyo Grand Slam and Masters tournaments in a row, so it was a bit difficult to lose weight twice in a row. I think it is very fortunate that the performance followed without injury, and it is even more meaningful to win a gold medal in a competition where top rankers participate. Also, at the time of the Masters tournament, it was early morning in Korean time, and at the moment of winning, Coach Jaebeom Kim called his mother directly and we were thrilled with each other. I felt so good because I felt like I had given my parents filial piety through my victory.

– Your recent results are so good, including 3rd place at the Tokyo Grand Slam last December and 1st place at the Masters. Any tips?

Rather than a secret, it seems that good results follow because I do my best in each game with a comfortable mind without burden and do not give up and concentrate until the end. I will continue to work harder to keep up with good grades.

-In September of this year, the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games will be held. You are in the process of preparing for an important competition. What are your future plans and aspirations? 토토사이트

Currently, I have a lot of confidence in my sense of the game. I don’t think I’ll ever lose against anyone. My ultimate goal is to prepare harder without injury and to win gold medals at the World Championships in May and the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, as well as at the Paris Olympics next year.

– Belongs to the strong team in the tradition of inducing unemployment, the Horse Association. Are you satisfied with the strengths of the racing team, coaching staff, and company support?

I feel great pride just by belonging to the Korean Racing Association. Coach Kim Jae-beom and Coach Lee Dong-seok not only provide passionate guidance, but also wear uniforms, bump into each other, hold on to each other, and sweat together. I am so grateful. Also, I would like to say a big thank you to the people at the front of the Korean Racing Association for helping me focus on training. 

– Do you have a role model?

This is Coach Jaebeom Kim. He achieved the Grand Slam, which is the dream and goal of all judo players, and I think he is the best judo player in the world. Although he has retired as a player, foreign spectators and players still remember and look for Coach Kim Jae-bum when he goes to international competitions. I also want to work harder and become a memorable judo player as well as the best judo player in the world.

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