McGregor is still #1 in MMA. $150,000 per post. Khabib, Adesanya and Diaz

McGregor makes an average of $26 to $39.6 million per UFC fight and takes in an additional $12.3 billion a year from the cage, according to Forbes.

He has 46 million followers on Instagram alone, and ‘Middle Easy’ reports that his sponsored post costs £120,000 per post. Khabib Nurmagomedov, who knocked out McGregor 토토사이트

in 2018, is second. With 34.1 million followers on Instagram, he earns £34,100 per post. In third place is former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (33). With 7 million followers, you can earn £19.000 per post (approximately 9 million won for 2 ships). 37-year-old Nate Diaz, who left the UFC last year but is emerging as a potential opponent for McGregor’s comeback, is in fourth place. With 6 million followers, he gets £16,300 per post. In fifth place is Anderson Silva with 4.7 million followers. At 47, he left the Octagon long ago, but remains a fan favorite. The price per post is £12,000. 6th place is Kamjat Chimaev, 7th place is Dustin Poirier with 4 million 200,000 people, 8th place is Saint-Pierre with 4.1 million people, but the price per post is more than Saint-Pierre at 11,200 pounds (about 17 million won).Among female fighters, Ronda Rousey (35) is unique. Although the number of Instagram followers is small at 480,000, the price per post is 44,000 pounds (approximately 67 million won).

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