Max FC April ranking announcement, featherweight 2nd place Park Jae-won-3rd place Woo Jae-hyun pay attention

Max FC (CEO Lee Yong-bok), the largest standing martial arts organization in Korea, announced the comprehensive ranking in April 2023.

With the success of the ‘Max FC Contender League 21 in Daegu’ and ‘First League 24 in Iksan’ competitions held on March 11, there were many changes in the MAXFC rankings. A total of 15 players in all weight classes were ranked up and entered.

The most notable fighters in the April rankings are Park Jae-won (21, Uijeongbu One To Muay Thai) and Woo Jae-hyeon (19, Daegu Peerless Gym), who were newly ranked 2nd and 3rd in the featherweight rankings, respectively. Park Jae-won won a unanimous decision victory against Kim Hee-joon (21, Ansan Claus Gym), showing a rare level of management ability in the semi-professional world, and settled for 2nd place in the featherweight rankings. Park Jae-won showed his appearance as his next-generation featherweight champion in the match.

Woo Jae-hyeon took down all the rounds 1, 2, and 3 against Seong Sung-won (18, Suncheon Team Amnatjim) and was selected as the MOM of the tournament. Woo Jae-hyeon, who has both a hot game and a cool appearance, ranked 3rd in the featherweight rankings, closely following Park Jae-won. On this day, the two wrestlers won a decision victory and a KO victory side by side, solidifying their position as the next major featherweight runners.

High school fighter Kim Young-joon (17, Jeonju Cool 1), who made a name for himself as a ‘hot rookie’, entered the middleweight rankings for the first time. On this day, Kim Young-joon played a relentless slugfest against Lee Jae-wan (18, Mokpo Star Hall 1) and played a great game. Kim Young-joon won the victory after a relentless slugfest and put his name on the top of the Max FC middleweight rankings. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, there was an underdog rebellion in the heavyweight division. Park Ji-hoon (18, Gwangju team’s best), in his first professional match, won a decision victory over Kim Seong-cheon (28, Suncheon Am Not King Tiger), who is ranked 4th. Park Ji-hoon jumped to third place in the rankings at once, taking a step closer to the vacant heavyweight championship title.

Max FC CEO Lee Yong-bok said, “Since last year, competitions have been held every two months. I am happy that many new players with good skills have been discovered in each weight class. I think the current champions in each weight class should be nervous because the skills of the newly emerging players are not easy.”

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