“Make memories with a princess’s autumn romp”

“We are pleased to host the Dong-A Ilbo Gongju Baekje Marathon, and hope that runners will make pleasant memories in Gongju, the royal capital of Baekje and a World Heritage City.”

Choi Won-cheol, mayor of Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do (pictured), said in an interview with The Korea Times on Thursday, “I would like to thank the marathon enthusiasts who will come from all over the country, as well as Kim Jae-ho, chairman of The Korea Times, and Kim Tae-heum, governor of Chungnam-do, for organizing the event.” “We will do our best to help marathoners from all over the country make good memories in Gongju while enjoying the autumn sky with their families and friends.”

“The Gongju Baekje Marathon, with its historical stories and beautiful nature, has been running for 20 years now,” said Mayor Choi. “It started in 2003 to commemorate the Baekje Great Road between Gongju and Buyeo, which was completed, and now it has continued its reputation as a festival for marathon runners nationwide.”안전놀이터

He conveyed a message of support to the marathon participants. “A marathon is a competition of body and mind, a test of patience and perseverance,” he said, “but more importantly, it is an opportunity to discover and grow yourself through challenges. I believe that this experience will bring new vitality to your life.”

He also asked them to pay attention to the ‘2023 Daebaekjeon’, which opens on the 23rd. “The 2023 Daebaek Festival has a variety of contents under the theme of ‘Daebaekje, connecting with the world,’” said Mayor Choi. “I hope you will visit Gongju after the marathon and make good memories.”

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