‘Liang Sang Moon’ is on the rise! Commentator Yang Sang-moon confirmed appointment as women’s baseball national coach

 Yang Sang-moon (61), a sports commentator, was finally appointed as the coach of the women’s baseball team.

On the 8th, this magazine reported exclusively as ‘former Lotte/LG coach’ Yang Sang-moon, commentator, women’s baseball national team manager candidate registration’.

In 2014, Yang coached the professional baseball LG Twins and made a connection with women’s baseball. He recently participated in the ‘Women’s Baseball Conference’ and ‘Women’s Baseball Clinic’ to communicate with the players. Manager Yang Sang-moon is the one who has been constantly interested in women’s baseball and has contributed to the vitalization of women’s baseball. Despite her brilliant career as a professional baseball manager, she has shown a willingness to contribute to women’s baseball, which has a weak base.

In a phone call with this magazine, coach Yang expressed his determination to “create a women’s baseball boom” with his impressions of becoming the women’s baseball team coach, and said, “While female players have a lot of passion to do well, support is lacking. Someone thought that women’s baseball should be boomed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to lead the women’s national team for a long time, but I wanted to lead the national team once and achieve good results, and let baseball fans know about women’s baseball once more.” As an extension of that, the composition of the coaching staff is also expected to be with competent people worthy of the name. 토토사이트

Manager Yang Sang-moon recently attended a ‘Women’s Baseball Clinic’ and personally observed the female players. He said, “The potential of the players is so good. It’s because I haven’t been able to receive technical training directly and continuously in the meantime, but if I teach one, it’s really quick to accept it.” Also, all players play baseball so happily and passionately. I was impressed. What is lacking is the amount of training,” he diagnosed.

In January next year, the 2023 women’s baseball representative selection game is scheduled to be held. Manager Yang said, “I haven’t fully understood the women’s baseball players yet, but I watched a lot in the last ‘Women’s Baseball Clinic’. The competition starts at the origin,” he said.

After resigning as Lotte manager in 2019, Yang has accumulated many experiences. He said, “The recent baseball trend is a shift based on data.”

‘Yang Sang Moon”s goal is to advance to the world competition after winning the Asian Cup. Coach Yang said, “I will go to the world tournament by finishing in the top 3 of the Asian Cup. And we will continue to consult with the federation and create a standing army system to broaden the base.”

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