LG’s Im Chan-gyu trained in the rain…KT’s Lee Kang-cheol “a great player”

“Who is that player? I don’t think it’s our player.”

KT WIZ manager Lee Kang-cheol said this while talking to reporters in the visiting team’s dugout at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Thursday, pointing to a player doing running drills in the outfield.

The KBO game between KT and the LG Twins had been canceled due to rain, and the home team’s players had left the stadium after completing their training earlier in the day.

The hard rain had subsided, but the sky was still drizzling.

The players ran and ran and ran in the rain.

“It’s not the right environment for training…,” Lee said to himself.

Lee was watching right-handed pitcher Im Chan-kyu, who was scheduled to start for LG that day.

He was preparing to start the game, but when the decision was made to cancel, he ran and stretched in the rain to check his condition.

Usually, starting pitchers build up their physical condition in time for their scheduled start, and if their start is canceled, they go through a cool-down process with light stretching.

Many players don’t train at all. Each athlete follows their own routine to take care of themselves.

However, there are not many athletes who stick to their training routine in the rain.

This is why Lee Kang-cheol’s tongue was in cheek when he saw Im Chan-gyu’s diligence in training.안전놀이터

“He’s a very good player,” Lee said, “He has a positive personality and always works hard. He’s a pitcher from another team, but he’s very good to watch.”

LG announced that Im will start against KT at the same venue on the 5th.

KT will also keep Wes Benjamin in the lineup.

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