LG, will the option for foreign batters change?

Will the LG Twins widen their options for foreign batters to be selected again?

On the 10th, LG withdrew the contract with Abraham Almonte (33), who had decided to recruit him. This is because the defect was revealed during the medical test. However, it was reported that it was not an issue related to drug use with a history of one time. As a result, it is noteworthy whether LG, which is looking for a foreign hitter again, will expand the options for the defensive position.

Initially, LG was looking for a hitter with excellent batting ability regardless of the defensive position. This is because he has been struggling with the sluggish batting of foreign hitters for the past few years. The player selected in that category was Almonte. He is a hitter who has been mainly active as an outfielder on the American stage and has shown good batting ability. 안전놀이터

However, he could not completely avoid the problem of overlapping positions. LG has a so-called ‘national team’ outfield lined with Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min and Hong Chang-ki. In addition, Moon Seong-joo, who showed off his outstanding batting talent this season, and Lee Jae-won, a promising giant, are also on standby. If a foreign hitter was fixed only as an outfielder, the positions would inevitably be duplicated.

In addition, LG needs to find a starting first baseman. This is because Chae Eun-seong obtained a free agent (FA) qualification and transferred to the Hanwha Eagles. It was not that there was no first baseman resource behind him. However, in terms of depth, it is necessary to have a clear sense of starting among the existing players. A plan to change Lee Jae-won’s position is being discussed. However, as foreign hitters are being sought again, the possibility of expanding the options to players who can defend first base cannot be ruled out.

It is known that Almonte was not at the top of the players LG put on the recruiting list. Although there were first and second foreign batters, LG, who confirmed that there was no intention to go to Korea, pushed for a contract with Almonte even at the risk of drug history. I wonder if LG, which is looking for a target from the existing list, will be able to bring in a player who satisfies the balance of the position at the same time as not worrying about hitting foreign batters.

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