“Let’s see if San Diego goes well” Owner of the last team, mentioning SD in front of fans ‘headwind’

 Despite failing to advance to the postseason for four consecutive years, Dick Montfort, owner of the Colorado Rockies, is still confident in his ability. However, this confidence was expressed in the wrong direction. It was good that he planted expectations in front of the fans, saying, “This year, we will exceed the 50% win rate,” but he fell against the San Diego Padres in the same district and faced a useless headwind.

Colorado last year, with a record of 64 wins and 98 losses, stayed at the bottom of the National League West division. From 2019 to 2021, even if it did not rise to the postseason, it was not last, but last year, the ranking fell further even after acquiring Chris 메이저사이트 Bryant.

It’s not like they made a huge investment ahead of this season. Still, owner Monfort is confident. According to the Denver Post, Monfort’s owner said at a fan event in Colorado, “We’ve got a lot of prospects. A lot of good things are going to happen, and I think they’re going to start this year. I think we can break the .500 odds.” do,” he said.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “I don’t see a clear reason why Colorado will win more than 17 games from last year. “It doesn’t look like it’s going to affect the team right now, but I’m optimistic that Bryant is coming back from injury.”

However, what made the fans angry was something other than the basis of confidence. “I don’t agree 100 percent with what the Padres are doing. Maybe our fans will agree. We’ll see what that investment pays off,” Monfort said. “You’ll see. They’ve spent a lot of money and they’ll have to spend a lot more to keep Juan Soto. There will be more pressure on the club.”

Colorado is receiving criticism from fans for saving investment in opposition to San Diego and the Dodgers. In the midst of this, he brought his backlash by making remarks that seemed to disparage the team that was actively investing. Criticisms such as “Sell (the club) right away” and “The worst owner” flooded in.

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