Let’s break the team’s most consecutive wins ’17’! Jihyun Park of Woori Bank pledged to do her best

“I thought that if we did well, we could set a record… .”

Woori Bank guard Park Ji-hyeon (23) expressed her anticipation for a team record with a winning streak.

Park Ji-hyun contributed to the 68-56 victory by scoring 24 points alone in the 2022-23 season Shinhan Bank SOL Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL) 4th round BNK Some held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Indoor Gymnasium on the 14th. Woori Bank ran a 14-game winning streak.

Inside Woori Bank, it is said that the players do not talk about winning streaks. Park Ji-hyun said, “I don’t talk about winning streaks in words. It is not the atmosphere that one game, one game, of course wins. Today (14th) also expected a difficult game as (main guards) Park Hye-jin and Choi Yi-sam missed due to injuries. Rather than thinking about the winning streak, I only thought about today’s game.”

However, Park Ji-hyun herself is looking forward to it. Park Ji-hyun said, “Recently, a record related to women’s professional basketball streak appeared on social media, so I thought about it for a while (laughs). Since it’s a record we make, I think we work harder thinking that if we do well, we can set a record.”

The record for the most consecutive wins at Woori Bank is 17 consecutive wins set over the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons. The record for the most consecutive wins in a single season in WKBL is 19 consecutive wins recorded by Shinhan Bank in the 2008-09 season. Park Ji-hyun is looking at 18 consecutive wins and 19 consecutive wins beyond 17 consecutive wins. 안전놀이터

However, there is no carelessness. This game was the first game of the second half after the All-Star break. Park Ji-hyun said, “It was a second half game after a long time, so I was worried about the sense of the game, but I think I passed the hurdle well. In addition, even in the absence of (Park) Hyejin and (Choi) Lee Sam, I think we were able to win because the remaining players did well.”

On this day, Park Ji-Hyun scored 24 points with only 2-point shots and free throws without 3-point shots. Park Ji-hyun said, “Anyway, since Park Hye-jin and Choi Lee-sam fell out, the number of attacks increased, so it seems that such an opportunity came.” I think I need to watch it again and prepare well.”

Two of Woori Bank’s main guards are out due to injuries. Park Ji-hyun said, “I feel more responsible after two people were left out of today’s game.” He said that he had to run with that kind of heart today.”

Park Ji-hyun met Wi’s expectations and recorded 24 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocked shots. Park Ji-hyun said, “The coach told me to play confidently in offense and to coordinate game control. He told me to run hard.”

Woori Bank is currently leading the league. With 17 wins and 1 loss, it widened the gap with the 11 wins and 6 losses of second place Samsung Life Insurance. In fact, it is ‘River 1′. What Woori Bank has to overcome is themselves. Beyond the club’s most winning streak of 17, they are looking at more than ’19’, the most consecutive wins in a single season in WKBL history.

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