‘Leonard’s 30-point bombardment’ LAC defeated Dallas with concentration in the 4th quarter

The Clippers beat Dallas.

The Los Angeles Clippers won the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Dallas Mavericks 112-98 at the LA Staples Center on the 23rd (Korean time).

After a tie in the third quarter, the Clippers won the fourth quarter with a 33-19 lead. Kawhi Leonard scored 30 points, Paul George scored 21 points, and Norman Powell scored 19 points to lead the team to victory.

In Dallas, Luka Doncic scored 29 points and 10 rebounds, Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 22 points, and Spencer Dinwiddie scored 21 points, but collapsed due to lack of support.

Dallas was the first team to laugh in the low-scoring aspect at the beginning of the game. Dallas, who took the lead with Dorian Finney-Smith Jr.’s three-point shot, ran away with Doncic, Dinwiddie and Dwight Powell scoring.

The Clippers, who were being dragged, took the lead with Powell’s consecutive 3-pointers after Leonard stepped out and put out the urgent fire. After holding the opponent scoreless for over five minutes, the Clippers finished the first quarter with a score of 22-20. 스포츠토토

However, entering the second quarter, the Clippers faltered as they fell into an offensive mid-quarter hunt, and Dallas took the lead with David Bertans and Josh Green’s 3-pointers. Nicola Batum and Reggie Jackson changed the mood for the Clippers, who had been dragged by a double-digit score difference. The Clippers, who went on a hot pursuit, ended the first half with a score of 49-54.

The Clippers, who were on the momentum, turned the tide in the third quarter with George leading the attack. Then Leonard’s streak came out and drove Dallas. However, Dallas also did not back down easily with Doncic holding the center. After a seesaw game in which the owner of the lead kept changing, the third quarter ended with a 79-79 tie.

The fourth quarter was tied. The team that had a stronger back-and-forth was the Clippers. As the Clippers began the fourth quarter, Powell sprinted with all his might. As Dallas pursued with Dinwiddie at the forefront, the Clippers maintained their lead with Leonard scoring. 

In particular, Leonard’s possession with 4 minutes left in the game was decisive, as he scored an offensive rebound and even made a 3-point shot. The Clippers, who ran away with a 10-point lead due to Leonard’s perimeter shot, entered the consolidation with Marcus Morris getting a free throw in the process of attempting a 3-point shot. In the end, the Clippers, who increased their concentration on the game, succeeded in winning two consecutive victories.

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