Lee Gwan-hee beat Heo Ung and wins All-Star uniform auction

 Lee Kwan-hee ranked first in the final bid price of the All-Star uniform auction. Heo Woong, who challenged for first place for three consecutive years, is in second place.

The KBL All-Star uniform auction, which started on the 21st, ended at 2pm on the 27th. Lee Kwan-hee took first place with 1.988 million won, and Heo Woong came second with 1.82 million won.

Lee Jae-do ranked third with 1.28 million won, and Byun Jun-hyung ranked fourth with 1.08 million won. Jeon Seong-hyeon (550,000 won) pushed Kang Sang-jae (530,000 won), who made a last-minute effort, to 6th place and took 5th place.

The sum of the final winning bids for the 24 all-stars is 10,794,000 won.

Even when the uniform auction just started, Byun Jun-hyung and Heo Woong competed for first and second place. Suddenly, Lee Kwan-hee jumped up, followed by Lee Jae-do.

The winning bid for Heo Woong’s uniform, which had stayed at 1.05 million won for a long time, jumped to 1.2 million won at 8:00 am on the 27th, surpassing Byun Jun-hyung and taking third place.

The winning bid for Heo Woong’s uniform, which remained unchanged until 30 minutes before the end of the auction, jumped to 1.25 million won, beating Lee Jae-do, and then began to soar.

After 1.45 million won to 1.65 million won, the winning bid rose to 1.8 million won 5 seconds before the auction ended안전놀이터. At this time, it seemed that Heo Woong would once again take first place after Lee Kwan-hee was left behind.

However, the winning bidder for Heoung’s uniform and the number one final bid price also changed with the deadline.

Heo Woong’s uniform will go to fans who bid 1,082,000 won, which is an increase of 2,000 won, the minimum amount.

The final winning bid for Lee Kwan-hee’s uniform, which was 1,788,000 won from the dawn of the 26th, jumped 200,000 won to 1,988,000 won, surpassing Heo Woong and enjoying the first place honor.

The winning bid for Kang Sang-jae’s uniform also rose significantly. When the auction just started, it stayed in the bottom group, but on the 23rd it settled in around 10th place.

From this point on, the successful bid price rose little by little, and the rise began to increase from the 26th, the day before the deadline. Kang Sang-jae, who entered the top 5 around 9 am on the 27th, gave up the 5th place to Jeon Seong-hyun at the final deadline and finished 6th in the winning bid.

As if reflecting LG’s popularity, the winning bid for Asem Marey’s uniform was 360,000 won, ranking 8th overall.

The winner of the All-Star uniform auction can receive an autographed uniform and a panel containing the player’s autograph used during the All-Star draft.

If the highest bidder gives up, the opportunity goes to the next highest bidder.

Last year, KBL introduced a deposit system (50,000 won, refunded after the auction ends, but 50,000 won is non-refundable if the final successful bidder gives up on the auction) when participating in the auction, but only one person gave up on the successful bid.

Heo Woong was second in the list of successful bidders based on the auction closing two years ago, but rose to first in the final purchase result.

It remains to be seen whether Lee Kwan-hee’s all-star uniform will be purchased or not, whether it will beat Heo Woong and win the final.

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