LeBron, who surpassed the skyhook legend, wrote a new NBA history that no one could have imagined

Akron General Medical Center, located in Akron, Ohio, USA, is famous as the birthplace of NBA legends.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), who was born in this maternity hospital in March 1988, became the main character with the most 3-pointers in the NBA regular season last year.

1170 days after that, another legend was born at the same hospital. Born in December 1984, he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s reign, which no one seemed to be able to break, and broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record.

That’s LeBron James (LA Lakers).

Lebron James scored 38 points in a home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at Critto.com Arena in Los Angeles, USA on the 8th (Korean time), rising to the top spot in NBA history.

LeBron James, who had narrowed the gap to 35 points before the game with ‘Skyhook Master’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points), added 38 points that day, recording a total of 38,390 points, the most points in NBA history. stood out as a player.

LeBron James hit a mid-range shot near the free throw line at the end of the third quarter, breaking the record held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for 39 years.

LeBron James showed emotion as he crossed the court with his arms wide open, and the NBA stopped the game to celebrate the moment of making history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who watched this scene on the spot, congratulated LeBron James by giving him a commemorative basketball. LeBron James also expressed his admiration for Karim Abdul-Jabbar.

The birth of a new all-time leading scorer is a moment neither Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nor LeBron James himself expected.

Born in Akron, USA, LeBron James was a cotyledon from his childhood days. His natural physical condition and talent made him a special child. Before he reached his senior year of high school, he was already recognized as the No. 1 in the high school rankings, and his high school game scenes were covered by major American media including ESPN.

The appearance of a new superstar who will lead the NBA since the era of basketball emperor Michael Jordan, the next generation star called ‘Lebronmania’, has excited the NBA.

Lebron James, who started his career brilliantly with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, was selected as an All-Star in his second year and made the NBA Finals 4 years after his debut.

But then the ordeal also began.

Greg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs defeated Cleveland in four games in the 2007 NBA Finals. Compared to his excellent break-through and fast-break finishing abilities that utilized his physical condition, he persistently dug into LeBron James’ weakness, which was weak in out-of-bounds shots.

LeBron James later looked back on the 2007 Finals and said the series was like a teacher who taught him valuable lessons.

Since then, LeBron James has worked tirelessly to strengthen his weaknesses, including his long-range shots. He went one step further by increasing the distance of his shot based on his ability to score based on his physicality.

His developed abilities blossomed with the Miami Heat. It was a considerable period of time that produced anti-fans, such as the extraordinary ‘Decision Show’, mockery of Dirk Nowitzki, and remarks of ‘Real World’, but LeBron James rose to the ranks of the best active stars by winning twice in the four seasons he played in Miami. .

LeBron James returned to his hometown team Cleveland in 2014 and made his name by winning the first championship in Cleveland’s club history in two seasons. Even with the LA Lakers, which he joined in 2018, he reached the top of the NBA in two seasons and wore his fourth championship ring in his personal career.

The 2022-2023 season is LeBron James’ 20th season. His age is 38 years old. No other player in NBA history has consistently performed at the highest level for so long.

Behind the honor of being the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, there is an invisible effort that is different from that of ordinary players.

The NBA’s first all-time leading scorer토토사이트 went to Joe Funks in the 1950s. He is the first player to revolutionize basketball by introducing the one-handed jumper. Since then, Dolph Shays, Bob Pettit, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have gone through Dolph Shays, Bob Pettit, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become LeBron James’ (For reference, Chamberlain has risen to first place in career scoring after 7 seasons of his debut).

They have something in common. He was thorough in his self-management. Bob Pettit was the athlete who introduced the value of weight training for about a decade, starting in the mid-1950s. At that time, the importance of weight training was not well known.

Karim Abdul-Jabbar, who was active from 1969 to 1989, is a symbol of steadiness and strong durability. He practiced yoga and meditation at the same time and always tried to maintain the best physical condition.

It is difficult to imagine achieving a cumulative record without steady management. LeBron James is known to invest about 2 billion won every summer to maintain the best condition. He has made a life for basketball even during the off-season, from diet management to consistent training.

Because of these efforts, he was able to maintain scoring and performance, represented by overwhelming breakthroughs and finishes, even at the age of 38.

LeBron James has often described himself as more of a passer than a scorer. In a recent interview, he revealed that his journey to become the top scorer of the season is hard to believe, saying, “I have never said that I would become the season’s top scorer or the all-time top scorer.”

If we were to rate LeBron James’ scoring prowess as the best in NBA history, a heated debate ensues. That’s why Michael Jordan’s presence is still great. However, it is difficult to find a player who has been consistently top-level scoring for as long as LeBron James.

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