‘Largest-ever’ Korea, Hangzhou AG schedule just posted, with ‘two-player’ beach volleyball to kick things off

Beach volleyball marked the first match for the Korean team at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Lee Ho-bin (Kyung-il University) played against Thailand in a Group C beach volleyball match at the Beach Volleyball Center in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, on Sept. 19. The result was a 0-2 (15-21, 11-21) setback.

The Korean women’s beach volleyball team at the Asian Games is represented by Kyung-il University. The team was led by Professor Kim Yeon of Kyungpil University in Gyeongsan, South Korea, and included volleyball players Lee Ho-bin (senior), Jeon Hari (freshman), Shin Ji-eun (senior), and Kim Se-yeon (senior). Korea’s first match was played by Lee Ho-bin and Jeon Hari.

The first set was tight until midway through. At 3-7, Jeon Hari scored back-to-back points to close the gap to 8-9 when Lee’s serve hit the net and dropped. At 8-10, Lee’s outside shot landed squarely on the line for a point, followed by a block by Lee to tie the score at 10-10.

At one point, the score was 10-13, but an unforced error on the opponent’s serve made it a one-point game. However, as the first set drew to a close, the Thais began to gain momentum. In no time, the score was 13-19. Faced with a set point, Korea had one last hope with a Thai service error, but eventually lost the first set 15-21.

The second set started off tightly, but Thailand’s attacks landed in the right corners of the court and the gap widened. Lee Hoobin’s hard shots landed fast enough to be difficult to receive, bringing the score to 5-7, but the difference in stamina was too much.

In the end, the second set was a one-sided affair in favor of Thailand. The gap widened towards the end of the set, and at one point, the score reached double digits at 8-17. However, they were unable to overcome the gap and ended the second set 11-21.

Beach volleyball became an official sport at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. It’s played in one 21-point set, with the teams switching courts whenever their combined score reaches a multiple of seven. The court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide, with one side of the court being a square of 9 meters long and 9 meters wide.

The Korean men’s team consisted of Kim Myung-jin and Bae In-ho (both from Yeongcheon City Sports Association) and Lee Dong-seok and Kim Jun-young (both from Hwaseong City Hall). Lee Dong-seok/Kim Jun-young will play at 2pm and Kim Myung-jin/Bae In-ho will play at 4pm. The women’s team, Shin Ji-eun/Kim Se-yeon, will play their first match at 7pm.아톰카지노

Meanwhile, South Korea is sending 1140 athletes to the Asian Games in 39 sports, including beach volleyball. It is the largest contingent ever. The main team is scheduled to arrive in Hangzhou on the 20th. The team’s goal is to win more than 50 gold medals and finish third in the overall standings behind China and Japan. At the last Asian Games, the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang, Korea finished third overall with 49 gold, 58 silver and 70 bronze medals.

Following the beach volleyball schedule, the first match of the ‘Big Event’ men’s soccer team will take place at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 19. The men’s soccer team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, will take on Kuwait in a Group E match. After the first day of competition on the 19th, the Asian Games will kick off with the Opening Ceremony on the 23rd.

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